Why shouldn’t we stop writing by hand?

Here are a few reasons why you should never stop.

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Why shouldn’t we stop writing by hand?
Why shouldn’t we stop writing by hand?

  • Handwriting enables us to have learning that is essential in our lives as both children and adults.

When we write by hand, we activate three regions of the brain: the visual, motor and cognitive areas. I know that most of them now write their texts with the help of a keyboard. However, when we do this by hand, many neural networks are activated that help us to have better cognitive capacity.

Write your agreements by hand. Draw the different services that you create by hand. Write the biggest goal of your day on paper.

Handwriting enables us to have learning that is essential in our lives as both children and adults. This is the practical development of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, the development of the clamp and motor control (which is used for pinching, connecting a cable to the plug, drinking a glass of water, etc.). It also helps us for prospective and working memory, it stimulates the brain more by activating areas like smell, depending on the material we use to write, like paper or touch when it is touched.

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It is an art that I unfortunately see that it gets lost more and more over time. This serves as an emotional catalyst as it allows for free expression without limits or restrictions. It helps us to organize ideas, promotes our creativity and helps us to dispel and clarify doubts.

If the above seems like little motivation to start with. You need to know that we activate our semantic memory. This great place where we store all the knowledge of the world and our world; This happens because when you write, more than just a note is formed on paper with a pencil. When we write by hand, we also think about how the word is written, where it has accents, how to write it, what to say, what it means, and where our hand is moving. Something that we lose more and more because the spelling is corrected automatically Smartphones and computers.

If you feel very stressed, nervous, anxious, or unclear, write by hand. This way you focus on something outside that removes focus from what you have in that state, or it also serves as catharsis by “removing” the thoughts that you are not leaving alone and helping you focus on to focus on something else.

Write by hand. Activate your leadership functions such as planning, flexibility. Risk of making mistakes. It will help you design work projects and keep an idea in mind and in your work.

Express yourself and create with your own hands!

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