Why should you buy ReddCoin now?

2017 was the year for cryptocurrencies to become noticed. 2018 is when they become mainstream! With recent articles in Forbes claiming that 30% of millennials would rather invest in cryptocurrency over anything else it’s clear the chasm has been crossed and they are here to stay.

Reddcoin is genuinely a coin that is going to rocket in 2018!

Why is this? Well if you didn’t already know it is a social mediadigital currency, most of us are addicted to social media so it will clearly have many relevant applications.

Why should you buy ReddCoin now?
Why should you buy ReddCoin now?

The best aspect of Reddcoin has to be the tip platform. This genius idea allows users to send and receive digital currency across any socialnetwork. ‘Any’ socialnetwork is important here, it’s not like lots of ground work has to go in for it to be set up on Facebook, Twitter or Myspace(Just kidding 😝) . It can be used on any social mediaplatform you wish. This allows for small micro-payments to be made with tiny transaction fees across socialmedia.

As you can predict with the growth of cryptocurrencies throughout 2018 this will first be a novelty for early adopters and then it will become part of the mainstream method of paying for small items/services online. Just like many other coins it will reduce the cost of payments across borders. However, Reddcoin is doing a brilliant job at positioning itself at the heart of modern day life by becoming the social coin.

As you can imagine I’ve picked up a healthy pot of Reddcoin myself, 2018 is going to be a massive year for crypto with Reddcoin right at its heart!

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