Why López-Gatell became so popular in Mexico

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Why López-Gatell became so popular in Mexico
Why López-Gatell became so popular in Mexico

An important press release arrived just before Easter on these dates. They warn that a group of women will demonstrate for gender equality and light the “torches of freedom”. The media hastily announce this event and warn their audience to take precautions. The day is coming and you feel anticipation and even a little fear. The press is keen to inform the public of what will happen, especially since it is the famous “Easter Parade” in New York.

Then the speaker appears in the middle of Fifth Avenue, Bertha Hunt, and lights the first of the so feared “torches”, a branded cigar Stroke of luck. It then offers a series of statements on gender equality. At that time, smoking was considered a predominantly male act, and female smokers were frowned upon.

It was March 1929 and Some call this the first PR event designed. Bertha Hunt refrained from saying that she was secretary to Edward Bernays (by the way, nephew of Sigmund Freud) and George Washington Hill, president of the American Tobacco CompanyHe had hired her to promote the consumption of his cigar among women.

Bernays was also part of the beginning of the long relationship (50 years) between the tobacco industry and the North American Medical Association. Together they believed that cigarettes were good for health. Since then, Bernays has been the father of public relations.

Lucky Strike advertisement, 1930. Translation: 20,679 Doctors say, “Luckies are less irritating.” “They are roasted”, their throat protection against irritation, against cough / Image: Via High Level

Personal branding and advertising

Bertha Hunt was flattered beyond her message, at that time the “Easter Parade” was also about fashion and trends. His boss Bernays used this loaded propaganda to introduce the specific green that Lucky Strike used in his backpack to the fashion world. The plan worked and of course other organic and spontaneous things were considered in favor of the goals. Opportunities are used.

Hugo López-Gatell, Under-Secretary of State for Prevention and Health Promotion, is one Sex symbol in Mexico during the pandemic that affects us. It is not in the interest of the present to analyze their professional or political performance, but to analyze and understand them personal branding In other cases, in order to be attractive, it must be able to apply the same principles.

“The attraction some people have for López-Gatell is based on the paternalistic image he represents. It is his responsibility to inform and define preventive measures chaos. The Rescue picture by contrasting it with other authority figures whose behavior is inconsistent with what is expected of them and who a wound It will take a few feathers, ”says neuropsychologist Yolanda del Río Marín, director of the Neurobehavioral Integration Clinic. “It will be a Hero figure“He says.

The Superhero Memes, Holy, James Bond; sticker from WhatsApp; Mentions of celebrities like Gael García; Interviews for The economist; and all a Rock star can wait, they lead to intense discussions in social networks.

If we remove the insults and flattery about their performance and testimony about the Covid-19, we can find thousands of comments about:

“I love it”

“What do you see?”

“He is very handsome”

“He’s not that pretty”

“What you say baby”

“Only those with Dad problems

“Thank you for taking care of us, Doctor, that’s why we like it so much.”

“It looks like Robocop”

“We love him”

“The quarantine has already affected them”

“It’s the new nonviolent masculinity that we like”

If there is such a discussion, the person who is the subject of this controversy wins. If we add to this story, a confrontation with a related mediumthe story becomes even more plausible, the hero becomes a victim of attacks and emerges triumphantly. We all believe that we are rational, but the reality is that most of the decisions we make en masse have little to do with the rational mind.

Javier Alatorre and Hugo López-Gatell / Photo: Vía Alto Nivel

Yes, that includes you, even if you have a high IQ: Or how was panic shopping?

Comments from the case: propaganda; Public relation; Wound hero rescue

Personal branding and mass seduction

Edward Bernays (Freud’s nephew) wrote and said several times that there was no such thing Group spirit simply because according to him, mass people don’t think. Of course, he didn’t say that because he insulted, but because he simply confirmed it with his social experiments, which were also part of his job.

Freud was a pseudoscientist for some, the father of psychoanalysis for others. Bernays was neither, let’s say, he was an unscrupulous, pragmatic guy who used everything to exert influence.

In the illustration 1 We can distinguish two powerful and simple persuasive tools that Bernays used in his PR plans that opened up a huge new market for millions.

The first is the call Law of social evidenceand it’s just the behavior that is explained like this: If many believe something, it is certainly true. And if these “many” give us a sense of belonging, the bond with the faith multiplies: “20,679 doctors say that …”. Illustrations of “doctors” were also featured in advertisements for camel cigars, and surveys were cited in which hundreds of thousands of doctors said camel cigars were their favorites.

The second tool used is that Authority right. Stanley Milgram devoted his life to studying human behavior, his fundamental question was more philosophical: Is man good or bad? This was the most important question for him, since his entire family had been killed in the Holocaust during World War II. His conclusion was that no, people are not bad. Man (and practically every animal) simply obeys authority, and therefore a good people like the German obeyed and gave in to creepy things.

Milgram has scientifically proven that people obey authority, with an actor in a robe who, in a fake experiment, ordered volunteers to torture someone for scientific purposes at a prestigious university.

Doctors are the epitome of authorityThey are injected with things that you do not know or what they are, they give you instructions, you work on them and you simply believe and obey. You have maximum credibility and respect. If they recommend it, imagine how good it has to be.

Notes on the case: Social Evidence Act; Authority right

Personal branding and sociology

The great sociologist Alain Touraine predicts that from Covid-19 our society will become a service economy, mainly “services between people”, as he mentioned.

Everything is changing, you who read this see your personal brand as the most relevant thing that you need to take care of professionally. Human-to-human services mean two things:

  1. You may be working in a service company (as an owner or employee) or at least in a service area within a company in any industry.
  2. What connects with another person is another person.

From the 18th century BC In the Hammurabi code, you spoke of what you call the Talion’s Law (eye for an eye). But the sociologist Albert Gouldner was the first social scientist to propose the norm of reciprocity as universal and generalized, that there is no other thing that feels the obligation to give when it is received; What connects more with another person than reciprocity?

Notes on the case: service between people; Principle of reciprocity.

Personal branding and Greek persuasion

A group of people are afraid of a new and unknown problem that threatens their lives. Your leader has an emotionally oriented behavior (Pathos). Your credibility and authority (Ethos) it is high with the majority of this group (51%). But its rational part (Logos) the logic seems to be increasingly insufficient to solve this problem as his communication tends to be emotional, the same style that made him the leader of the group in the first place.

Then the leader instructs a rational and academically trained person to calmly communicate the problem and update measures, and then part of the group feels relief and even admiration for the new speaker.

“The gaps in power are always closed.”

Comments from the case: mixture of Ethos, pathos y Logos.

Personal branding and Freud

Freud said that there are two basic motors that work in humans and relate to the instincts of life and death Eros y Thanatos.

In Greek mythology Eros (as erotic) is the god of love and creation of the cosmos, and Thanatos (as Thanos of Marvel) the god of destruction.

Why is an animal considered alpha before the herd? Because it gives protection against ThanatosAnd what is the result? Eros It is there when instinctively and unconsciously there is a feeling that the DNA is safe to reproduce with this animal.

Reproduction and survival: state of every living being and Freudian explanation of the Gatell effect.

Notes from the case: Eros and T.Hanatos

Personal branding and you

López-Gatell is in the eye of the hurricane. In its lifecycle as a brand, its popularity will go up and down, but at that time it has become a viable 4T image asset..

The analysis is apolitical; it is not to be supported or abused, it is only an excuse, as a current case of brand design and how opportunities are used even under the worst circumstances.

We are in an era of transitions. The paradigms are changing, we are adapting four generations to new ways of seeing and understanding in a variety of ways. What does not change and will never change is the importance of strengthening ours personal branding. It is an advantage that we have to take care of, either to find a job or to stay as an entrepreneur, and nowadays we have to break new ground with intelligence to take care of it.

In times of service economy, follow the instructions underlined in this case:

Advertising; Activate your public relations with the media and Influencer;; generate a “hero rescue” story; improve your social evidence; to be an authority; offer a person-to-person service; Apply reciprocity; adequate mix of Ethos, pathos y Logos;; and make yourself present in the subconscious Eros y Thanatos.

You can do it yourself, or as with any important matter, you may need a specialist, a noble authority to help you with your reputation and brand.

For example, I have already consulted with my highest authority on important matters:

Double authority. T-shirt with the law of authority of the mother of the author / Image: A. Llantada.

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