Why is Ripple not a good idea anymore?

Here we are talking about Ripple and its XRP token. It’s an article about broken dreams, false promises, and open manipulation. We could call it the “Diary of a Repentant Investor”, but that would be very dramatic. Regret isn’t exactly the feeling either. It’s more of a hassle. The natural discomfort of the person who saw your fool face. Because many of us accept the centralization of XRP, its pseudo status as collateral, and all that old-fashioned banker talk. But putting on a smile while you are wasting money on your cheeky sales is too much. What is outrageous is the indifference with which they have treated XRP investors over the past few years. Anyway, I’m tired of Brad Garlinghouse and his delusions.

In the crypto space, it’s not uncommon to criticize Ripple. Apparently, The supposedly big problem with Ripple is centralization. But personally I don’t mind centralization. In fact, I think it’s great. I like Bitcoin for its decentralization, but that doesn’t mean I believe in decentralization for everything. Each mode of organization has its uses. For example, I prefer my health in a few competent hands. Exactly. When I get sick, I go to the doctor, I don’t go to the city market and he calls a town hall. I just go to a doctor and follow his instructions on the letter. In other words, there is no such thing as democracy. There is no consensus algorithm that asks a decentralized network. My doctor is a dictator. And I like it that way.

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Why is Ripple not a good idea anymore?
Why is Ripple not a good idea anymore?

It looks a little different at home. Although there is a division of labor and several autonomous areas in the family organization, there is generally a very communal atmosphere. It’s a kind of communist utopia. People break bread and share the table in a relatively functioning gift economy system. We all sat around the campfire and sang kumbaya under the stars. We share stories, laughter and muffins in a large decentralized circle of love and brotherhood.

But that doesn’t mean that I mind that the baker who sells me the bread runs his house vertically. I don’t care that he’s the tyrant of his castle. As long as you sell me your excellent bread at a good price, everything will be fine. The fact that the man is in command of his ship creates trust in me. I know it will open early and close late. I know he’s a beast for the job and is adamant with his quality standards. I like centralization because it guarantees quality.

In all honesty, I never cared that Amazon was under the tyranny of Jeff Bezos. And I don’t care that Warren Buffett controls Berkshire Hathaway completely. Elon Musk in charge of Tesla? Why not? I think it’s great. Centralization isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can be excellent. And in some cases, it’s ideal.

Let’s talk about Tesla for a minute. Of course, Elon speaks very nicely. And one in honor of the poetry of the whole matter connects in spirit the imagination of the new millennium: Go to Mars / Have a green planet. That’s fine and it’s wonderful. But people buy Tesla stock for purely selfish reasons. Yes exactly. The dirty money. People invest in anticipation of a return. And while it’s true that Elon looks good in photos and his tweets can be funny, he has an obligation to shareholders. And the commitment is very clear. Shareholders have to make money. It’s that simple. There are a million ways to do it. But that is Elon’s job: to earn money for his partners. It doesn’t fulfill your childhood dreams. No, it’s dirty money for your partners.

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