Why I Believe in Quantstamp (QSP)

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Recently I had a friend who had lightly mentioned about a cryptocurrency called Quantstamp.

He was describing it with some keywords that popped up here and there including “audit”, “ERC20 tokens”, and “airdrops”. With that in mind, I had to dig in deeper to find out what exactly Quantstamp is out to do.

Why I Believe in Quantstamp (QSP)
Why I Believe in Quantstamp (QSP)

From my understanding (and please, anyone else out there please correct me if I’m wrong) … the purpose of Quantstamp is to help audit any ERC20 tokens that run off the Ethereumplatform for code suitability (such as error in code, etc.). It’s kind of like Quantstamp will help out with making sure that any ERC20 tokens are well coded, and to reward those holding Quantstamp, they will airdrop the respective tokens from the token they audited into the walletaddress of the recipient holding QSP.

That being said, the walletaddress has to be a walletaddress not on an exchange such as Binance. The most popular used wallet is MyEtherWallet, which can easily connect up with cold wallets such as Ledger and Trezor.

I personally now hold my QSP in the MyEtherWallet via using my Ledger Nano S. Quite cool to be able to hold many of the ERC20 tokens in Ledger Nano S.

In terms of technical analysis, looks like QSP is squeezing into a flag pennant on flag pole. After the first airdrop on Christmas, we’ll see how QSP price will be affected.

You can watch an informativeinterview with the founder, Richard Ma of QSP, to see if you should invest in QSP.

Is anyone on SteemIt also in Quantstamp?

Why do you think Quantstamp will do well, or for those who don’t think it will do well, why?

Would love to hear thoughts from the peanut gallery!

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