Why Elon Musk hates boards

The founder of Tesla sees business meetings as a “nuisance” for a company’s effective business. What do you think? Answer our survey!

Job boards are inevitable, regardless of whether they’re an epic bargain or a monumental waste of time. Do you know who really hates them? Elon musk, an economic leader whose last days have slept in the factory of Tesla and stop bathing as you try to get your production back on track Model 3.

Why Elon Musk hates boards
Why Elon Musk hates boards

In an email about current plans to contain production problems at the car manufacturer at the Electreck site, Musk presented his most important productivity tips for optimizing work processes. The most important thing: Avoid meetings if possible.

“Excessive meetings are a nuisance to large companies and almost always get worse over time. Please avoid all large meetings unless you are certain that they will add value to the entire audience. In this case, keep them very short. ” Musk wrote. He also asked his staff to end frequent meetings unless it was a really pressing issue. Once the problem is resolved, the meetings should also end.

For all those people who want to ban meetings completely, this Musk tip is for you: “Leave a meeting or drop a call as soon as it is obvious that you are not adding value. It is not rude to go, it’s rude to make someone stay and waste time. “

Musk also noted that when it comes to communication, if a manager prefers the “chain of command” over timely delivery of information to the person who can best solve the problem, that person would quickly be unemployed.

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