Why does Bitcoin Cash have no future?

A cryptocurrency is not just a code. It’s always a lot more. A cryptocurrency is a movement. In fact, it’s kind of a universe. And this universe has inhabitants, ecosystems, culture, organization and history. How do we know if a universe has a future or not? Can Life Thrive in Hostile Territories? Can a tribe grow in constant conflict? The best projects are also the best teams. Talent and good ideas are required, but we also need to have human warmth, camaraderie, and empathy. Being right at any price doesn’t always make us successful. Fools have no future. Let’s talk about Bitcoin Cash.

I am not a bitcoin maximalist. The idea of ​​a unified system suffocates me. In fact, I love diversity. My temperament is not very suitable for totalitarian solutions. I always use several systems at the same time. I have found that there are no universal solutions because there are good tools for one thing and bad tools for another. So I believe in the toolbox.

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Why does Bitcoin Cash have no future?
Why does Bitcoin Cash have no future?

The fact that it is believed that we need a wide range of tools to build a house does not mean that every tool is good. In the world of cryptocurrencies, I couldn’t get very far from Bitcoin. In this case I am monogamous. But not out of conviction, but accidentally. In other words, I would love to find loved ones and be a polygamist, but I don’t fall in love easily. M.Beyond Bitcoin, I can’t find a project I’m passionate about. I am not like many who see fraud everywhere. In my case, the project has to make sense to me. It has to give value to my life.

Ok, I’m talking about Bitcoin Cash. Let’s go step by step. I use cash or a card to buy a coffee. I have many payment methods. I don’t know why I need another one. Using Bitcoin Cash would not make sense. First we need to find the shop that will accept them. Then I have to wait for the confirmations. Above all, it bothers me that the trader automatically switches the currency to Fiat due to the volatility. Who am I lying to? In this case, I’ll make the change myself and pay with cash or card. Personally I don’t see how Bitcoin Cash will enrich my life by being able to shop in stores. Which I already do perfectly with other methods.

This idea of ​​being just another PayPal doesn’t convince me very much. Bitcoin is great because it’s my investment pig. It’s also great for receiving international payments and exchanging money. But buy coffee with cryptocurrencies? I fear this is not one of my deepest needs. Yes I would use a sturdy coin like Libra or something that works like PayPal. I would do it because I still use electronic fiat for a lot of things. But I like to accumulate, not spend, my crypto.

The other with Bitcoin Cash. You hear a lot about “real bitcoin” and what Satoshi wanted. Is it a religion or what? Open, I don’t care about Satoshi’s intentions. The creator of Bitcoin is not a prophet of a sacred truth. Satoshi is not an authority that we should honor. Or someone who provokes in an argument. Nobody says Tesla is not what Henry Ford wanted. They are simple pseudo-religious positions. Roger Ver always speaks in these terms in the style of Martin Luther. The church has got lost and the church needs to be reorganized by creating a new one (which is actually the original). The return to the origins. The early church. It’s just absurd. Roger Ver is missing a screw.

That’s the big detail. Bitcoin Cash is a dissident movement. That is, a minority within Bitcoin who insisted on being right despite not reaching a consensus. So it is being withdrawn to create a “new bitcoin”. That is, it implements the ideas that were not accepted by the Bitcoin community in a different system. Martin Luther separates himself from the Catholic Church with the Bible. In other words, the elections were lost and sometimes, if they accept the will of the majority, they decide to create another country like the guerrillas. In particular, Litecoin is very different in tone and spirit. In Litecoin you breathe a different air. Healthier and less toxic air.

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The problem with the warrior mentality is that the conflict never ends. It is a mental scheme that is carried into the new country. What happens when a new city with pure guerrillas emerges? You don’t have to be a genius to know that we will have new conflicts and new divisions. There are minds who are in constant opposition. The hipster worm never dies. Subgroups and internal rivalries are the result. Fools may be right, but they know nothing about living together. This is the central problem facing the Bitcoin Cash community. It’s too toxic an environment.

Bitcoin Cash founders are always right. And it’s my way or the road. So they were all united in the Exodus because they were united by the common enemy: the Bitcoin elite. But then they sat at the same table in their new universe. And what did you do? Fight of course. This time between them. And since the loner worm never dies, a group within Bitcoin Cash that is “right” decides to go (again) and start a new church (again). According to them, it is the original church because Bitcoin Cash lost its way. The real church is now Bitcoin SV. But the divisions continue. Debates are always conflicts. And the fights never end. Problems with forks. Problems with the development team. Problems between whales.

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The word “decentralization” is used, but deep down we have a community. And communities are built with courtesy. Coexistence is not easy. There are always subgroups with dissonant ideas. However, it is important to respect the decision-making mechanisms. We have to work as a team. Because without a community, the code is just a code. Dead language. As brilliant as the proposal is, if nobody buys it, it won’t work. It happens with language all the time. A wise academic lectures on the “right” way to speak and is certainly “right”, but the public always gets its way. Sometimes you have to give in a little. And accept the imperfections and mistakes of the collective for the good of the collective. Sometimes I want to eat Arabic, but the family wants pizza. So I’m going to buy pizza. Sometimes it’s better to be happy than to be right.

This is not a criticism of Bitcoin Cash per se. But it seems to me that there is a lot to learn from the Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV cases. Its constant tension, its ongoing government crises and its contradicting rhetoric. Always upset about bitcoin. Full of reproaches against the “elite”. And all in the pseudo-religious tone of the conspiracy theorists. Can a Family Thrive in Perpetual Conflict? Civil war as a way of life has no future. It’s built with love, not anger.

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