Why do you have to be hard on yourself?

Good people never regret doing the right things.

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Why do you have to be hard on yourself?
Why do you have to be hard on yourself?

The right thing is almost always the most difficult. We have to do the right things and be tough on ourselves. We have to look at ourselves, our situation, our actions and our decisions. Often we slip and take the easy route. We avoid difficult decisions that are often the right ones.

If you were in a competition with a friend for a company and had information that gave you an advantage, would you use it? You have a difficult decision to make. Would you use it to make sure you are fine? Your friendship might not be to your disadvantage. It shouldn’t stop you from being successful or reaching your full potential.

You have to be honest and tough. Tell yourself the truth and ask for the truth. Hear the truth.

When you are tough on yourself, you are asking others to do the same. Don’t be afraid to be tough. Challenge people. When people are challenged, make sure they are happy and engaged when they have problems to solve. People don’t appreciate you for being soft. They appreciate you for being firm and having standards that you expect.

By being tough, you are helping more people than by letting things happen and not committing yourself.

Think of it like this, for example. Make the tough decision of working over the weekend instead of partying. Save your money instead of spending it. Make your life better You invest in yourself. Now when you are tough on yourself, start being the best person you want to be.

Again, many people don’t think so because most people are soft. Make a list of the things that you are soft on and the things that you are tough on. I’m sure there are more areas that you are soft than you are tough on this list!

Sometimes when you have to make a tough decision you may be stuck. Usually that means one of three things.

1. Lack of information. This can keep you cold. Get more information if you need it for the call.

2. Fear. You can’t live in fear of what might happen or who doesn’t like your decision. Look at the facts and do what you know best.

3. Worry about past mistakes. Today is today. Leave the past behind and move forward now. Do not allow today’s circumstances to be confused with a situation in the past.

Identify your reason and knock it down to move forward. Never be afraid to bet on yourself. Making a decision is brave and challenging. Making tough decisions and being tough is a sign of growth. That means setting priorities and goals that are so important to you that you forget about the instant gratification for long-term success.

You may find this uncomfortable at first, but as with anything, practice makes perfect. Your decisions will be easier when you know you are on the right track.

This will likely mean that some people will tell you that your choices have made you irrational, but that’s a compliment. It means that you don’t give up or give in. Hold on to your weapons. Be tough and unwavering in achieving your goals. Achieving your goals ultimately leads to financial freedom.

When you are soft, you let things slip and refuse to make tough decisions. But understand, that in itself is a choice. You decide to let things go on as they were. But what will change? You will stagnate. In the same situation, in the same financial crisis. Be strong. Make a change.

Being a tough person doesn’t mean that you are constantly disappointed or unhappy. It means that you are evolving into something better and getting involved.

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