Why do people cover up their computer cameras?

Fear of being spied on by the cameras of mobile devices has increased over the past decade, and the truth is that this is a reality.

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Why do people cover up their computer cameras?
Why do people cover up their computer cameras?

There has been great paranoia among mobile device users in recent years as rumors and theories about espionage using cell phone and laptop cameras have spread.

This fear has been caused by various factors and events that have occurred over the years. One of them is that Edward Snowden, a former intelligence analyst, said in 2013 that the U.S. National Security Agency had software and programs left over to people’s cameras and microphones without realizing it.

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If panic was not enough with this statement, model Cassidy Wolf found the following year that she had been a victim of espionage for more than a year and had not only been recorded with her camera, but also observed movement of his computer screen: “He could even see what he typed so he got my passwords […]”Explained the model for the magazine Teen Vogue.

Celebrities in the computer world like Mark Zuckerberg have already decided to block their camera with tape to prevent malware (malicious software) from accessing their device. FBI director James Comey follows the example out loud The guard.

According to a study published by the Cybersecurity Research Center, any device with an internet connection can be disturbed by the camera or microphone for corrupted purposes. The use of malware such as NanoCore RAT and Nuclear RAT 2.0 poses a risk to users and makes them victims of espionage or surveillance.

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Although several companies have asked to be vigilant with the LED light on top of our computers to know whether the image is being transmitted or not, researchers at Johns Hopkins University have shown that this is not a reliable measure of switching The camera without activating the warning light.

One of the most efficient measures to avoid espionage is to cover the device’s camera. However, this can be a problem for computers because it interferes with the correct closing of the device and causes scratches or breaks in the display of the device. You should also know which applications are downloading or whether there are apps that you have never installed because they may be malware.

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