Why do entrepreneurs need a vacation?

We often resist a break. Be careful, if you move it, it can harm your business.

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Why do entrepreneurs need a vacation?
Why do entrepreneurs need a vacation?

As an entrepreneur, it goes without saying that you automatically feel an aversion to the term “vacation” or “rest”. In your mind, there is certainly no way that the business will continue to function without you. It’s not that your employees don’t have the capacity, but will they recognize the company’s priorities correctly? Will you review every detail to keep structure, mission, vision and action intact? If you are leaving for two weeks, when will you come back, what will the numbers be like? Will sales have decreased? Did the marketing costs go up?

There doesn’t seem to be a way to take a few days off without the consequences of going out and sleeping for more than five hours a day for the first time in a long time, right? Not correct.

Why vacation?
If you don’t allow yourself to take a few weeks off a year to explore and broaden your horizons, then why so much hard work? You need to rest from time to time, otherwise you will be exhausted and your performance as well as the general performance of your company will be affected. Your health may even suffer the consequences. Long weekends are not enough, we need three days to go on vacation. For this reason, the minimum duration of your departure should be seven days.

Not only can you give your body the treatment it deserves, you can also clear your mind. This effect has a direct positive effect on your creativity and your ability to solve problems. Sometimes you have to walk away and breathe to find the solution. Plus, you have time to read. Remember reading is an effective way to keep learning.

When to go on vacation?
It may be difficult to find a time of year to leave the office, but it is not impossible. Identify a time of low demand and take advantage of it. If you’ve spent long weekends, you and your team know that the company can survive for a while without you. If not, they are put into operation to gradually release the remaining people and give them the confidence that it is possible to continue operating without you being physically present.

Of course, once you know when you’re going to take yours breakPlan the times and movements of the projects you will develop. Assign tasks and due dates so that the functions are clear in your absence.

How to go on vacation?
You’ve just landed in Hawaii and the first thing you take is a call from the company’s Vice President with whom you negotiated a trade agreement because you may have forgotten to mention your vacation. Do not do it. If you go out, take care of the rest, if not, what’s the use? You will be more stressed in the Bahamas than in the four walls of your office. Set an hour a day or a week to catch up.

Also, don’t let everyone find you, and appoint a team member to be responsible for sending you the updates. If you’re not there to answer any question, it also has a positive impact on your employees’ ability to solve problems.

Where to go on vacation?
Although everyone has their preferences when looking for a place to break with the ordinary, they always prioritize the experience. Choose the extraordinary, that’s where the inspiration comes from.
Are you ready for the vacation? It doesn’t have to be this week or month, but remember, once a year it won’t harm you or your company.

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