Why didn’t Pfizer CEO inject his own COVID-19 vaccine?

Albert Bourla, CEO of the American pharmaceutical company, explained why he had not yet received the drug that his company developed together with German BioNTech.

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Why didn’t Pfizer CEO inject his own COVID-19 vaccine?
Why didn’t Pfizer CEO inject his own COVID-19 vaccine?

Anyone would think the vaccine is against it COVID-19 at hand that Pfizer Managing Director It would be one of the first to be vaccinated, but it isn’t. Albert BourlaThe CEO of the pharmaceutical company announced that he had not used his own vaccine against the virus and explained the reason for the decision.

Given the questions, Bourla pointed out that the vaccine was not injected as it is not in the age group of those who should receive it first.

“I am 59 years old, in good health and not in the front row. It is therefore not recommended for my type to get vaccinated now.”the executive explained in an interview with CNBC. “As soon as I can, I will”.

If he is vaccinated, the general population will consider it

The pharmaceutical company’s CEO was aware of the impact he can have on the population and made a decision on whether or not to receive the vaccine I would consider getting it sooner.

Bourla stated that the surveys carried out by the pharmacist himself support this People would be more likely to be vaccinated if the company’s CEO vaccinated first. Respondents felt vaccinating the Pfizer CEO would be more critical than having the president-elect Joe Bidengot the drug.

“With that in mind, I’m trying to find a way to get myself vaccinated even if it’s not my time just to show confidence in the company.”he defined. He stressed that the product met all standards for approval and asked people to trust him. “It’s a vaccine that was developed without any abbreviations”he pointed out.

The general manager said that distributing the vaccine has been a challenge ever since should be kept at -70 ° C, a much lower temperature than other vaccines. The pharmaceutical company plans to produce 1.3 billion cans of your antidote to coronavirus too 2021. According to Bourla, this is one “Commitment to the World”.

The first person to be vaccinated with the in the US Pfizer-BioNTech was Sandra Lindsay. She is a nurse who lives in the borough of Queens, New York and works in the intensive care unit at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan.

In Mexico, the vaccine from Pfizer-BioNTech It was approved last Friday, December 11th. Previously, the application process in our country was announced, which begins with the vaccination of the Health Sector Personnel.

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