Why did Harvard, MIT, Microsoft, Google and Facebook denounce Uncle Sam?

We saw with deep regret how science and technology are constantly living in the mud of political passions. Of course, this is not a particularly new phenomenon. It is very old indeed. Throughout history, many scientists and innovators have come across a society that is inferior to their individual powers. The struggle between reason and stupidity has always existed. But in my childhood I never expected this stupidity to become fashionable over time. I grew up with the naive notion that we would be more advanced in the future. It can be that the common man himself is romantically ignorant. But ignorant leadership is not only unfortunate, it is also shockingly dangerous.

As living proof of the gigantic contrast that exists today between the man of knowledge and the cavemen of the world, we only have to go to a university in the world in search of a reference. Then visit the United States Congress, take a random sample, and make a comparison. Any congress would actually work, but let’s choose the United States because that great power leads to great responsibility. Let’s take any topic. For example, climate change. And let’s do a survey. Let’s talk to experts on the subject first and then to politicians. Well, these topics couldn’t speak for more than two minutes. The differences are from heaven to earth.

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Why did Harvard, MIT, Microsoft, Google and Facebook denounce Uncle Sam?
Why did Harvard, MIT, Microsoft, Google and Facebook denounce Uncle Sam?

It turns out that honorable Congressman X has the same opinion as the guy who sleeps with an assault rifle under his pillow, thinking that the earth is flat and protects his head with aluminum so that the aliens cannot read his mind. This combination comes with the creation of the earth in 7 days, global warming is a myth and homosexuality causes earthquakes. Ok, the covid-19 doesn’t exist. And everything that happens is for the Illuminati. Surveys have been carried out and the answers are crazy. Even in my wildest and most psychedelic dreams, I never thought I would see what I see today in the United States, the country that brought a man to the moon in the 1960s. USA, the world’s superpower.

According to a 2015 Pew Research Center survey, only 27% of Republicans believe that global warming is caused by people. In stark contrast to Democrats who believe 71%. And the list goes on. This particular study is not new, but I would not be surprised to learn that these numbers have worsened over the past 5 years. We can talk about the evolution of species or topics like funding science and research. It’s amazing how many people just think that investing in science and technology isn’t worth it. Something just unnecessary.

This general rejection of innovation, technology and science is seen on the street and in films. In fact, I don’t currently remember a recent Hollywood film that portrays technology as something positive. All (or almost all) are a modern version of Frankenstein’s monster. In other words, technology as the cause of our own destruction. Since the creation of the Star Trek television series, the future of fiction has been rather dystopian. And science and technology are the big culprits.

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Can the United States Maintain Its Global Leadership by Hosting Science and Technology? Big tech is currently the most important sector for your economy. At the same time, they are the villains of the novel. Innovation is vital for the economy, but there is no system to promote it. It all comes down to a small minority with exceptional individualities. An extremely influential minority, of course, but in the end a minority. If we’re too far from Silicon Valley or Seattle, there’s not much to see.

Why did Harvard, MIT, Microsoft, Google and Facebook denounce Uncle Sam? It turns out that geniuses in Washington thought it would be a good idea to send all foreign students to their home countries, as the Corona Virus class would be online. Of course, the universities took this absurd measure to heaven and soon some of the most important technology companies in the world joined. The specialized human resources come from all over the world and the limitation of immigration slows the flow of talent into the country. Populism and this new wave of nationalism in the United States have a direct impact on technological and scientific development.

While new obscurantism is emerging in the United States, China has given priority to technological development. TOChina is currently the world’s largest factory, but it is taking steps to become the world’s big tech. And it has had overwhelming success. China currently has as many unicorns as the United States.

The economic and non-economic advantages of technology are simply enormous. And there is no doubt that the future belongs to today’s innovators. Can a superpower be anti-technological and unscientific? Can the United States economy continue to thrive without science, technology, immigration, and globalization? With China on your heels!

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If the wise man is rejected as annoying, ignorance has won. If the population comes to power and claims to know more than the experts, we know that this story will not end well. Recently, a spokeswoman for the current White House government said it was referring to the start of classes in the fall. “Science shouldn’t stand in the way of reopening schools.” You have to sit down and digest this sentence calmly. Think about their meanings, implications and multiple readings.

At the moment everyone thinks what he wants. It is the age of instinct and premonition. Nobody has to justify their arguments in a debate. Logic, science, universities and technology are part of the “big conspiracy”. The evidence has gone out of fashion and now the truth is based on a whim. For example, a person like Bill Gates, who has donated millions of dollars like no other and has a health foundation that helps millions of people around the world, is branded a criminal just because of some memes and false reports saying so. And people just believe it. Because now everyone is a conspiracy detective who binds points and reveals clues. And things are expressed with total and total irresponsibility. But the politician who calls a violent event in his forties and doesn’t wear a mask is a messiah. Gentlemen, through the winds that blow, everything seems to indicate that there is a stupid democracy in the world. Every man for himself!

While experts and scientists are locked up at their universities and increasingly ignored by the public, every nonsense claims and considers itself an expert. Measures such as removing all foreign students from the country are welcomed. (Measurement apparently reversed by a sensible judge thanks to university and big tech claims). However, the current government is taking such measures because it is clearly not understood that talent (foreign and non-foreign) is essential to a country’s development. Can a country that believes that knowledge and knowledge are not closely related to its future have a future?

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