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Why Costello can still be the one

October 9, 2018
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A majority of the Canberra paliamentary press gallery seem to be ofthe view that, after the publication of The Costello Memoirs inmid-September, the former treasurer will resign from politics. Butthere is an alternative scenario, writes Gerard Henderson. – Brisbane Times (The Brisbane Times — 5 August, 2008)
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Former PM calls Peter Costello a ‘nong’, a ‘bum’ and a ‘mouse’ atbook launch. (Sydney Morning Herald — 6 August, 2008)
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Why Costello can still be the oneWhy Costello can still be the one

A NEW cheerleader has emerged in the campaign to make PeterCostello the federal Liberal leader. He is the former Labor primeminister Paul Keating. (Sydney Morning Herald — 7 August, 2008)
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In the aftermath of last year’s federal election and PeterCostello’s decision to walk away, Malcolm Turnbull was the first tonominate for the Coalition leadership, writes Phillip Coorey. – Brisbane Times (The Brisbane Times — 4 August, 2008)
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