Why are the rich getting richer and still not reaching a fortnight?

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Why are the rich getting richer and still not reaching a fortnight?
Why are the rich getting richer and still not reaching a fortnight?

* This passage is part of the book “Why the rich get richer (and they still don’t make it until a fortnight)” by Francisco García Pimentel and Salvador Manzano, Panorama-Verlag, published in November 2020.

Go with this unfair world.

This is the picture you should have in your head: this world is an ocean.

You are in the ocean and you work hard. They have a small boat with oars. You have decided to go to a certain remote island. This is your goal.

As you prepared in rowing school, you know how to do it: row. Every day, every week you row and row. And yes, little by little you see how this island that seemed distant appears closer and closer. You are doing very well.

Since you want to get there faster, row ten hours a day instead of eight. It’s what you do best … and your rowboat will start going faster. When you have a thousand meters to go (it seems so close!), You are a little exhausted, but keep rowing.

Suddenly, without warning or asking for permission, another boat approaches and overtakes you.

The boat is so much faster! Not necessarily bigger than yours, but definitely faster. This is not possible! You tell yourself Surely the man who paddles in this boat has steel arms; Maybe it’s Schwarzenegger. As you pass, stop rowing a little to see who’s coming in the boat.

But it’s not Schwarzenegger. He’s a much younger boy than you … and he doesn’t seem stronger. If anything, you could use a return to the gym.

But that’s not the worst. It’s hard to see him (he’s walking too fast), but it looks like this boy … he’s not rowing! He’s apparently reading the paper while he’s having a martini.

  • The boy is a millionaire.
  • He’s no smarter than you.
  • It is no stronger than you
  • He doesn’t row any more than you do.
  • He’s not rowing with better technique than you.
  • His boat isn’t even that big.

In less than three minutes, it will reach you and leave you behind. It is clear that he will reach the island before you. And without sweating a drop.

How is that possible? You are probably cheating.

First change. Row more.

It can’t stay that way! You tell yourself The world is unfair and I want to come to the island.

“My parents told me I could come to the island I wanted. I know I can do it. And why shouldn’t it? I deserve success and fortune. This boy is no better than me. “

So you are determined: to the island!

Now put all the meat on the grill. Row faster! And not just ten but twelve hours. Stronger, more determined, more focused. You can do it. Your boat runs a little faster. But now (when did that happen?) You’re not alone in the boat. Now there is a family. They also have two children. Your boat weighs a little more.

What else can you do? You have to row more! Not twelve but fourteen hours. I already know it! You tell yourself You have to work smart and reach my full potential.

So you tie two oars to your feet. Now row with your hands and feet, with all your effort and dedication. You do it out of love, you do it out of conviction, you do it because you can!

But what happens now is bringing you down. Your childhood friends come in their respective boats. They catch up with you and leave you behind. You fly like. Now they all reach the island … and you find that you’ve been rowing in circles.

You are exhausted, destroyed. You can’t move a muscle. And that’s not the worst.

Something happened to your boat. It lets water in. There is an urgent need to come to the island! Your children’s feet are wet. With one foot, try to cover the hole while continuing to paddle furiously with both hands (and your remaining foot).

At some point you realize that you will never make it to the island. There is only one option left. Keeping the hole just covered, row with whatever strength you have left.

Because that’s the only thing you can do. Line.

Every day, every day, different boats catch up with you and leave you behind. Eventually, your kids grow up and take some boards off your boat to make other boats. And they start rowing too. Where? It does not matter anymore. What counts is to keep rowing. This is your destiny.

On the way you can tell that some people don’t even have a boat in the sea. You barely float on a lifebuoy.

“At least I’m better than her. I have my boat and I know how to row. What more can i ask for? “

The seaman’s council

One morning when you are rowing with your head bowed, you see a boat approaching out of the corner of your eye. “Another one, what does it matter now?”

But this boat will stop by your side and greet you.

– Hello friend! How are you?
– Okay, paddle here. You see how everything is. It is very difficult.
– But … don’t you want to go to the island? I see you lost
– Maybe one day. If I keep rowing I’ll be there someday, won’t I?
“Not with this boat, my friend,” says the mysterious sailor.
– It’s the boat that touched me. It’s what they gave me … – you say.
– Yes, but you can switch boats if you want.
– For a bigger one? For what? It would be even more strenuous to row.
– But didn’t you notice?
– account of what?
– Check!

At work you look up and finally see the sailor’s boat. It is a large boat made of fine wood and carved in gold. It’s a beautiful boat.

– Ha! – You say – are you making fun of me? I can never have a boat like that. I don’t need this luxury either.
– Friend, says the sailor, you are not lifting as high as you should. You only see what is seen from below. Look up!

With even more effort, raise your gaze as high as possible until you are almost on your back.

Oh God. You didn’t expect that.

The sailor’s boat has a small mast and on that mast … a sail … a sail. A candle!

– Now you see, my friend. I wish you all the luck in the world. See you later!

While he is saying this, the sailor pulls a rope, raises the sail again and disappears over the horizon in a few seconds.

Now it is clear what to do.

Second change: build sails

The day feels cooler. For the first time you can feel the wind blowing strongly. Until now the air has not driven you; it was just a need to breathe. From now on the wind will set you free.

For the first time in decades You stop rowing. Time to change strategy.

With a log from your boat and your own shirt, you’ll spend most of the morning building a small sail. The candle falls several times, it breaks and You have no shirt left. But you keep trying.

On this day, even the rowing boats leave you behind. They greet you and walk straight ahead, and they feel sorry for you for not rowing. What happens to your life if you don’t row every moment?
You need not one, but three days to install a first – and very rudimentary – sail for your boat. You almost stayed No wood, no shirt and no pants. But it doesn’t matter.

You will feel what you have never felt before: your boat moves without you rowing. First shy, then gently, your boat moves, yes, sir!

Now you have time and your hands are free. You start figuring out how to make a bigger candle. You stop to chat with fellow sailors and swap out your shoes for more cloth. Your boat will now run faster. Much faster.

Before you know it … you will have reached the island you have dreamed of.

Yesterday seemed impossible. Now you’ve done it in record time. On the island you can rest, have fun and get a new shirt. And more stuff.

Beyond the island

Only when you get to the island do you realize that the ocean is huge and there are many more distant and larger islands as you climb up the mountain.

You meet more sailors on the island! Everyone discovered the secret. Their boats have sails and they can go where they want.

In a few days you will be back in your boat. You now have a much larger candle and are considering putting two in it. It’s got stronger wood, bigger size, and even some comfort.

You still spend a week building a better boat. But you don’t have to row all day and you can spend time with your kids.

At last you jump into the sea, looking for a new island. Your boat is so big that you can even employ several people. Certainly you have to steer the wheel and sometimes row if necessary. But you know that every moment your boat keeps going day and night because it doesn’t depend on your arms, but on something much stronger, and that it is there for everyone: wind.

You don’t push your boat. The wind does it. You just take the helm. You don’t break any rules. On the contrary: now you know the other rule: that of the rich.

One morning when you are floating on a new island, you find a dying man in a small row boat in the middle of the sea. He is rowing with all his might, but it is obvious that he can no longer do it.

– Friend! – You say – you can change boats if you want!

The rules of the rich

The parable is clear.
The poor have no boats.
The middle class has rowboats.
The rich have sailboats.

That is the sailor’s rule.

In history, to get rich, the seaman had to give up what he was taught – work, work, work! – and use your creativity to build a boat with sails strong enough to take him around the world.

The poor are desperate to stay afloat. they cannot see the sails of the boats; and only suffer when they pass

The middle class has their own rowing boats, and with downcast eyes they row without stopping, sure this is the way to the island. They are lost and exhausted in a race they can never win.

The middle class is good at rowing. They take courses to row better. You’re looking for bigger oars. They are constantly exercising their arms. And they row until they literally die of exhaustion.

In this parable the ocean is the world; Air is money.

Everyone needs air to live. But while some use it just for this – to survive, others use it to push themselves and move on.

If you don’t have a boat – even if it’s a rowboat – you can’t decide where to go. They are people without freedom who can see only a few meters away and are carried away by the waves, the tides, the currents and the eddies. Sometimes they plunge in exhausted and stretch their heads just to breathe a little.

Those who own a rowboat – the middle class – have a certain freedom, security and autonomy. Without a doubt, they are better than those who swim without a boat. However, this boat has serious limitations as it can only move through the direct work of its owner.

When the owner rests. When the owner sleeps. When the owner is on vacation. If the owner gets sick … the boat stops and starts drifting.

Debt – the water entering the boat – only makes it heavier, slower, and distracting the person pushing the boat; who has to cover the hole with one hand and continue rowing with the other. If not controlled or removed, they will sink the boat.

People who have sailboats are now on another level. You move faster; you can go further; You have more free time and more decision-making skills. You can also take risks and change course if necessary. They have peace and, above all, a wind that always drives them. You are not rowers; You are captains and have taken the helm of your boat.

The boat continues towards the island. Although the captain is resting; sleep or be sick. Even if the captain is playing golf or chess; The boat goes on.

The captain can’t completely disappear. He’s at the top; the one who steers the sails; the one who gives the commands and the strategy to keep the boat in good condition. The captain takes care of his boat because the boat takes care of him.

In the world of boat owners, there are boats of all sizes. There are small and discreet sailboats. There are gigantic sailing boats, ocean liners. Some are made of wood, others are dipped in gold. There are boats that are nowhere near aircraft.

In any case, no matter how small a sailboat, goes further than a rowboat.


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