Why are some companies surviving the pandemic and others not? One word: “learning ability”

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Why are some companies surviving the pandemic and others not? One word: “learning ability”
Why are some companies surviving the pandemic and others not? One word: “learning ability”

Let’s do a little test. Googling: “How to sell in the Mercado Libre México”. You might be surprised to find over 64 million results (I just checked it). If you were just looking for videos on the subject you will find 1,890,000.

Are you already selling in Mercado Libre? You might say no because you don’t know how, right?

If we had had this pandemic 30 years ago, the world would have suffered three times as much as it does today. How do I work from home without high-speed internet, without zoom, Skype or Google Meet? No home delivery services like Amazon, Mercado Libre, Rappi or Uber Eats? Without a smartphone that you could do practically anything you do today?

Thirty years ago there was already an important use of some of the internet-derived technologies, but we are still learning and today we are still in diapers compared to what may be to come.

Today thanks to the Internet and all its derivatives JUST A FEW Companies were able to withstand this pandemic in a very different way than in the past. Why couldn’t all companies withstand the pandemic in the same way?

For the following: Learning ability.

For those who already marketed products on Amazon and Mercado Libre, they received potential customers through Google Ads and Facebook Ads. For those who already had their online store and ERP in the cloud, this pandemic was difficult, but not impossible, forward-looking. For those who got none of it, this health crisis was a nightmare and what happened was inevitable: You had to learn.

This is the It Him Learning ability In short, it is a “spin-off” from Industry 4.0. It is the most important change or revolution in the last few decades and has to do with precisely these new information technologies that we are using more and more frequently today.

Learning ability It is the ability of an individual or an organization to quickly learn new skills.

For companies that have not used the communication, marketing and sales technologies available on the internet as frequently, the pandemic has fueled that capacity, and although it appears that we are gradually adapting to the aftermath of the pandemic, learning new skills will be will play an important role in the months and years ahead.

As you’ve figured out how to get new customers through Google Ads, how to sell on Mercado Libre or Amazon, or how to use a remote desktop to (you and your employees) work from home, see Like your competition has done it.

And when you think you have more or less resolved the matter, you will find that the clicks are now more expensive (marketing) or that your products are selling less (in online channels) or that your “new customers” are buying you again from your competition. Why? Because your competition has not been idle and has also learned.

Learning ability Identifying a trend is not a fad or a good name. It’s a new way of living and doing things.

In my last article on acorn planting, I mentioned it in other words, but the concept is the same. With the pandemic today, you had to learn new things; This can’t be stopped if you want to keep growing. On the contrary, now you have to make it some kind of culture in your organization. Today the task is to get your team to find and learn new skills in the shortest possible time.

Instead of you being the only one looking to create an electronic catalog, the entire team is learning how to do it.

The nice thing about our time is not that there is internet, but that anyone can specialize very quickly with this tool.

Learning a new industry, software development, or business philosophy today doesn’t necessarily require attending a course or diploma, which can take weeks. It is enough to connect to the internet and search on sites like Udemy, SkillShare, Monday, Train for Employment or even YouTube to acquire this knowledge in the time it takes (as fast or slow as you want), with a minimal investment compared to previous models. Many of these platforms offer hundreds of Spanish courses.

Do you remember the little test about Finding Selling Opportunities in Mercado Libre at the beginning of this article?

Now ask yourself:

  • How many of the people who work with you saw a single video about it? Less than 1 percent.
  • How many of the people who work with you have the opportunity to watch the video and do something about it? Probably 80 percent.

Be that guide that urges others to find new and better ways to do things. What are you waiting for? That’s the moment!

Learning ability That meant you have a different business today than you did when the pandemic started Learning ability Implementing it as a culture with all your employees makes your company a leader in this field.

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