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Why Apple is taking this podcast app out of its business in China

June 11, 2020

This is the second main podcast app removed from the China App Store this month.

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Why Apple is taking this podcast app out of its business in ChinaWhy Apple is taking this podcast app out of its business in China

This story originally appeared on PC Mag

Apple has removed the Pocket Casts podcast platform at the behest of Beijing’s leading internet watchdog, the China Cyberspace Administration (CAC), from China’s digital app store. He believes the app can be used to access content. “illegal”.

As mentioned The edgeThis is the second most important podcast app that was removed from the China App Store this month following the recent exclusion of Castro Podcast Player with iOS. “We believe that podcasting is and should remain an open medium that is free from state control, so we will not censor the content of the programs.” Pocket Casts tweeted this morning. “We believe that this is a necessary step for any company that appreciates the open sales model that makes podcasting special.”

Pocket Casts, which was acquired by a group of American public radio companies in 2018, appears to have been notified by Apple of the CAC two days before the application was removed from the online store. “Even after being asked for clarification, no specific reasons were given,” the company wrote in a follow-up tweet. “The general reason was that we are recording content that is illegal in China as determined by the CAC.”

Chinese users who are no longer able to access the program and its updates will need to find a different hearing platform, but their options are limited. Apple recently removed several Chinese-language podcasts from its podcast store, one of the few remaining channels with approved content. TechCrunch. The People’s Republic of China has a history of television censorship. Last year, the CAC ordered the termination, suspension or investigation of 26 audio apps to spread “historical nihilism” and “pornography”. This emerges from a communication from June 2019.