Who owns the domain “CryptoForHealth” after Twitter hacks?

Internet researchers agree that the website ‘CryptoForHealth.comIt was linked to the numerous attacks on Twitter accounts that started on July 15th.

The first manifestations of the fraud took place in the reports of numerous people from the crypto space who claimed to be related to CryptoForHealth Give your followers 5,000 Bitcoin (BTC).

Identical tweets that claimed a partnership with CryptoForHealth were released this morning from the accounts of the main crypto exchanges Coinbase, Gemini, Binance and their executives.

Who owns the domain “CryptoForHealth” after Twitter hacks?
Who owns the domain “CryptoForHealth” after Twitter hacks?

The hacks were led by Gemini co-founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss to warn as “All major crypto accounts have been compromised” despite the use of secure passwords and two-factor authentication by the company.

Internet archive image from cryptoforhealth.com

Internet Stock image from cryptoforhealth.com


The domain was registered on the same day that the attack took place, according to Internet Corporation for associated names and numbers. Since then, the site has been marked as a phishing site and removed from the network.

The domain registration information for the website was Market stall open to the public, allegedly registered by ‘Anthony Elias’ from California at mkeyworth5@gmail.com.

However, The given address does not exist according to Google Mapswhile The phone number does not connect. who is deleted the information and qualified it as “processed for data protection reasons”.

Bitcoin surpasses the Twitter trends

The hack set “Bitcoin” as the most popular keyword on Twitter According to the official reports from Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mike Bloomberg and other top business people who fraudulently advertised their followers with crypto gifts.

A Twitter user reported that his mother’s account was compromised and a Screenshot a message from her Announcement of a 5,000 BTC giveaway related to CryptoForHealth.

Cryptocurrency gift fraud has multiplied, and in recent months Many scammers use YouTube to advertise their programs.

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