Who is Kamala Harris, the woman of the moment? And how crypto-friendly could it be?

Democratic nominee Joe Biden has selected California junior senator and former San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris as his runner-up for the November race. The next Vice President of the United States could be a black woman of Jamaican and Indian blood (from the country of India). Despite the dissatisfaction of a few, the appointment was very well received. “Joe Biden did it,” said former President Obama. We already knew the vice presidential candidate would be a woman because Biden said so some time ago. But, Why Kamala Harris? Why not Elizabeth Warren? What did he say about bitcoin? Do we know anything about it?

The political environment in the United States is not very good. Indeed, it is a disaster. What prevails is basically hatred. When we dig deep We shall see that Trump supporters are not Trump supporters per se. You’re with Trump because he represents the anti-establishment forces. They support Trump because he is the enemy of their enemy. You know very well that Trump is not the best person in the world. But they look the other way and hide their “indiscretions” because Trump is fighting with the “radical left”. He is the enemy of the “liberal elite”. The Donald is the enemy of the enemy. So it’s a friend.

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Who is Kamala Harris, the woman of the moment? And how crypto-friendly could it be?
Who is Kamala Harris, the woman of the moment? And how crypto-friendly could it be?

Resentment is currently the engine of American politics. Indeed, that explains a lot of things. Trump’s follies are accepted because his supporters see him as a necessary evil in the fight against the liberal elite, the media, the Clintons, immigrants, socialists and traditional politicians. The “law” knows very well that Trump is an idiot. But he’s “his” idiot and he’s the idiot who fights the “bad guys”.

When we go to the other side, something very similar happens. The progressive camp is basically anti-Trump. The left is very divided and full of different types of radicalism. What they really have in common is the general contempt for Trump. Their rejection of Trump is much bigger than their rejection of each other. Joe Biden is not the king of charisma. And we cannot say that his message inspires millions of Americans. It’s anti-Trump. That’s the most important. Last point.

So we are not faced with two opposing positions. Indeed, What we have are two great anti-viewpoints in battle. The anti-left and the anti-right. In other words, it is hatred that drives politics right now.

Joe Biden’s campaign has focused on getting Joe Biden out of the way. In other words, the strategy was to sit in a corner and let Trump keep accumulating disaster after disaster. And I’m afraid the strategy worked. Anti-Trump is 9 points higher in the polls. Joe Biden did practically nothing. Trump did all of the work for him. This is why Kamala Harris’s choice is so interesting. Why It’s the first major decision Joe made this season. And he could indicate the style of his presidency.

The job of Mike Pence, the current Vice President and Trump’s deputy, is to find a balance. The idea is to reconcile the image of a pompous tough businessman / Johnny Bravo / funny hair / orange faces with the figure of a traditional devout Christian. In the case of Kamala Harris, we don’t have a scale, but an amplifier. A statement should be made here. In other words, answering the existential question of who we are.

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And who are we? Pragmatic moderates. It’s not the radical left of Bernie Sandres and Elizabeth Warren. They represent the center. Radicals are more charismatic, but they would put off the independent and indecisive. Radicals, on the other hand, hate Trump so much that they would vote for anyone. So the choice of the center was a very good idea.

Now the right is accusing the left of being unpatriotic and disorderly. That choice has focused on law and order. Both sides accuse the other of disorder. But the right to criticize a tough former prosecutor for not respecting law and order won’t be easy. Kamila Harris brings diversity and strength to the Biden campaign. But it will also be a relay. Joe Biden is 77 years old. If he loses that election, Harris could be the Democratic candidate in the next election. On the other hand, if she wins the election, she could be the candidate too.

It is said that as a prosecutor she was very tough and has no clear values. In other words, he was very close to the police and the prison system. This leads to rejection among libertarians and more leftists. They also accuse him of being changeable and having no defined ideas. Well, in times of extreme ideology and rampant chaos, a little pragmatism and order wouldn’t be so bad.

We know the Biden-Harris formula is not preferred on Wall Street because of the tax issue. In the short term, the stock market could react poorly. In the long term, however, the economy could benefit from such moderate pragmatism. Of course, Trump is preferred, but that doesn’t mean Biden means breakdown (as Trump has repeatedly suggested). We must remember that the Democratic stimulus package is much more generous than the Republican package. And I dare say that in honor of pragmatism, Democrats should celebrate their return to power on a grand scale. Is there anything better than a shower of bills in your first few days in power?

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When asked about Bitcoin, Kamala Harris replied that it was a commodity. And I think it’s great because that definition has a lot of legal advantages. Of course, the question of legal definitions in the United States is not an easy one, as different agencies use different definitions with different legal implications. But that’s another matter. What is relevant here is that we are not in the presence of a volatile radical.

The victory of the moderates could mean progress for the United States. It would be a change for the better. And I’m not saying this because of a political preference. I say this for the sake of calmness of the soul. Many of us are fed up with fighting so much. From so many left and so many right. Divisions, hatred and resentment. The current political and social climate is stressful. Radicals on one side and radicals on the other. Instead of working together for a common future, they all strive to destroy each other. It would be great to get well again.

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