Who are the top 10 influencers of blockchain technology on Twitter?

According to data GlobalData has gathered from discussions between more than 200 blockchain technology experts on the social network Twitter, There are at least 10 prominent personalities who stand out for their knowledge of this topic.

In a publication that appeared on a large market this weekend, Data from the study by the analysis company GlobalData were revealed.

In the classification Ryan Selkis, the founder and CEO of Messari, is the most influential person on the social network of the little bird regarding problems related to blockchain technology, according to the company.

Who are the top 10 influencers of blockchain technology on Twitter?
Who are the top 10 influencers of blockchain technology on Twitter?

Selkis, who helped build teams at Digital Currency Group and Coindes, has been in the ecosystem since 2013. As of press time, Ryan has more than 96,000 followers.

In second place is Adam Back, the director of Blockstream, which focuses on blockchain teaching and bitcoin mining the classification provided by GlobalData.

Back, with more than two hundred thousand followers and a doctorate in computing, is a renowned scientist who seems to be mentioned Inclusion in the Bitcoin technical document – white paper – by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008.

In addition, the popular influencer was seen in a Financial Times 2016 report as a strong candidate for the position of anonymous creator of the market-leading cryptocurrency.

In a respectable third place we can Steven D. Mckie, Partner and founder of the cryptocurrency investment company Amentum. This seasoned cryptographer, with over 14,000 followers, is also the owner of the BlockChannel podcast, which focuses on the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum and HNS.

Mckie appears in the GlobalData list with 91 points. to match Adam Back’s second positionaccording to the data weighted internally by the analysis company.

In the fourth box you see Joshua Roomsburg, the founder of the ChainLeak news site and generator of marketing campaigns for blockchain companies as well as sports and entertainment stars. His account reports over 259,000 followers and is now one of the benchmarks for blockchain-related marketing.

Pierre Rochard, one of the founders of the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute since 2013, takes the lead. Rochard has been committed to the exchange of crypto at his institute over the years and has been a declared Bitcoin investor since its inception. His account on the social network Twitter shows that more than 69,000 people follow him.

In the second section, the ranking begins with one of the most famous people in the modern cryptocurrency industry. Changpeng “CZ” Zhao.

Founder and director of the world’s largest exchange in terms of cryptocurrency trading volume, Binance, shows the respectable number of more than half a million followers, Many of them are institutional, a vivid example of their reach within the industry, to make Binance the world’s largest stock exchange just six months after its launch.

CZ is often called the benchmark in the social network Twitter for posting comments on new projects of cryptocurrencies in the ecosystem.

Ari Paul is at the bottom of the list with Bruce Fenton and 82 points each, according to GlobalData. With 140,000 investors, Paul is a young start-up investor in one of the best-known investment companies in the industry, such as BlockTower Capital.

For his part, Fenton, with almost 52,000 followers, is known for his work at the Atlantic Financial asset management company and a member of the board of the Bitcoin Foundation.

The selected group of the ten most important influencing factors within the cryptosphere and the blockchain ecosystem on Twitter, They culminate in two big celebrities from Bitcoin’s early adoption: Erik Voorhees and Andreas M. Antonopoulos.

With 78 points weighted by GlobalData and more than 876,000 followers between the twoThere is a lot of material that these two prominent figures can highlight not only from Twitter, but also from Bitcoin and Blockchain in general.

Voorhees is known for being the founder of the largest bitcoin altcoin exchange on the market with anonymity. and Andreas are the authors of the masterpiece “Mastering Bitcoin”., is now considered the Bible for every crypto enthusiast who wants to get started with blockchain technology.

It is worth noting that GlobalData has weighted the data according to the influential indicators in the social network Twitter, e.g. B. Followers, number of tweets with thematic keywords, connection network and other data.

In addition, the company discovered some interesting facts in its study. He found that the word “bitcoin” was the most controversial trend among influencers in the first quarter after the Indian Supreme Court lifted the ban on cryptocurrency trading and legalized exchanges in the country.

At the institutional level, the term “coinbase” has been the most frequently discussed by companies. followed by the keywords “Blockstream” and “Microsoft” after the announcement of the exchange that their card is compatible with Google Play.

Crypto Twitter

The use of social media by influencers in the blockchain industry is nothing new. Given that the beginning of the ecosystem began precisely in forums like Bitcointalk, it is not surprising that with the advancement of technology and the current use of billions of people in social networks in everyday life Twitter is a natural place for many influencers.

With the trivialization that some prominent members of the cryptocurrency space have suffered on YouTube recently, The awareness of these people on Twitter has increased in recent months. Today a natural space for almost every project that focuses on the blockchain that is to become known in the community.

Thanks to Jack Dorsey’s flirting on various occasions with cryptocurrencies, Not surprisingly, prominent executives may be using social network blockchain technology to familiarize themselves with the projects they sponsor.

Dorsey’s propensity for crypto was recently reaffirmed by introducing the Twitter brand hashtag into the corporate token, the second cryptocurrency it receives after Bitcoin.

Historically, Reddit has been a natural place for this type of blockchain and cryptocurrency encounters and discussions in general, but The data collected by GlobalData gives an impression of the gigantic use Twitter has in the believing community of decentralized technologyand its influence more strongly on market prices.

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