Who are the highest paid influencers on TikTok?

The controversial social network already has a top 7 users who are making a significant amount of money from it.

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Who are the highest paid influencers on TikTok?
Who are the highest paid influencers on TikTok?

Either because of the number of downloads it received during the imprisonment or because the US government wants to ban it, everyone has been talking about TikTok in recent months.

The short video social network has become popular and loud among young people SensorTower It was the most downloaded non-game application in the world in July, with more than 65.2 million installs. This corresponds to an increase of 21.4% compared to July 2019.

This is a trend that the Chinese platform has maintained for the past few months and that giants like Facebook and Instagram. In this context we can see that it has become the new cradle of influencer marketing and Forbes launched a list of the highest paid users including:

1. Addison Rae with $ 5 million

Photo: Addison Rae via TikTok.

This young woman became American Eagle’s global ambassador and has worked with brands like Reebok and Daniel Wellington. She also has her own line of makeup.

two. Charli D’Amelio with $ 4 million

Photo: Charli D’Amelio via TikTok.

He has signed deals with companies like EOS Cosmetics and was featured in a Super Bowl commercial for the Hummus Sabra brand. He was able to work with a brand after being on a chronicle in the Paris Fashion Weekhow he became an influencer on TikTok.

3. Dixie D’Amelio at $ 2.9 million

Photo: Dixie D’Amelio via TikTok.

She is the older sister of Charli D’Amelio Forbes, These young women signed joint agreements with clothing company Hollister and cosmetics company Morphe. In addition, Dixie begins her musical career and released her first single with the title “Be happy” in June.

4. Loren Gray at $ 2.4 million

Photo: Loren Gray via TikTok.

Gray got off to an easy start, but a change in her mindset resulted in her signing with Virgin Records and having released eight singles since then. It also has advertising deals with Skechers, Hyundai and Burger King.

5. Josh Richards with $ 1.5 million

Photo: Josh Richards via TikTok.

As the group’s entrepreneur, his popularity has led to his receiving support at Reebok and HouseParty, as well as Warner Records. However, he took the opportunity to help found TalentX, a talent management company, and his own beverage brand called Ani Energy.

6. Michael Le with $ 1.2 million

Photo: Justmaiko via TikTok.

He makes parody videos, is 20 years old, and associated with the energy drink brand Bang.

7. Spencer X. with $ 1.2 million

Photo: Spencer X via TikTok.

The 28-year-old has recommendations from Uno, Oreo and Sony.

It is important to note that the medium focused on local stars of the social network and for this reason did not include celebrities or traditional influencers.

With information from Forbes.

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