Which coins do I currently hold??

### I have now been trading for a few months and during this time I have obviously been learning some valuable lessons which I would like to share.


As we are getting closer to the end of 2017, BTC is gaining the momentum that it lost a week or so ago and aiming for a new all time high.


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### Widen you portfolio

Which coins do I currently hold??
Which coins do I currently hold??

One of the things that I have learned from more experienced traders is to do your own research, then decide for yourself which coins to buy and widen your portfolio by purchasing a variety of coins in which you believe. I am taking a long term view on the coins that I buy and one of my decision making factors is to judge if I believe the coi will still be there in 3 years from now. In Crypto 3 years is a very long time.

### Which coins am I currently holding?


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After some research I have decided to purchase the following coins:


With the massive surges of Bitcoin over the last few weeks, I also hodl some BTC as you never know what it is going to do. As mentioned earlier, BTC is currently very Bullish and in my opinion it will get very close to its all time high before new year.


I thoroughly believe that BCH is one of the coins to watch out for. I am not a believer that a flippening can happen overnight, but the discussions is very interesting. The statements that Roger Ver is making is making a lot of sense if we listen to him carefully. I do however believe that BCH will grow over time in relation to BTC, and in my opinion the coin will still be there in the long term.


With all the ICO’s and many other things happening around ETH, it is a no brainer to hodl some ETH. I do believe that more and more competitors will emerge over time. If we look at new platforms like EOS and NEO, which will be very strong competitors to ETH, I am not too sure if ETH will be the number 2 or 3 coin in future but fr the time being I believe it is a safe bet.


In my opinion the SALT team is on to something with their cryptolendingplatform. We never know this might be a Top 10 coin very soon. The team is strong and up to now they have been keeping to their promises of new releases of the platform.


Neo is a Chinese competitor to ETH, and in my opinion, the Chinese has a very strong focus and influence in Crypto. I always keep some NEO handy, as it is has large moves either up or down.


Getting involved in Steemit and Steem really got me hooked on Crypto. It was and still is a life changing experience. I will always hold some Steem as I believe as we get more and more adoption this can return to the spot where it belong amongst the top 10 Crypto Coins.

I have smaller stakes in many other coins, but at the moment the coins above is what I hodl, but it will most definetly change over the coming weeks and months.

***Disclaimer: As usual I want to state that I am not a financial expert by any means so I am not providing financial or trading advice.***

# Happy Steeming and happy trading!


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