Which altcoins should be invested in 2021?

A few days after this atypical 2020 year ended, the events continue to surprise locals and foreigners. And the world of cryptocurrencies was no exception.

From a black Thursday on March 12th and a pandemic that kept the world’s population in check until A bull run that brought Bitcoin to a historic 28,000 level. The year 2020 certainly shows surprises again and again.

Therefore with a view to 2021, the questions about the long-awaited “ALTSeason “and when will it arrive, it forces crypto enthusiasts to prepare and ask the mandatory question: Which altcoins should be invested in 2021?

Which altcoins should be invested in 2021?
Which altcoins should be invested in 2021?

To properly answer this question, we seek expert opinion to share the most professional decisions facing the next bull cycle of the crypto space’s altcoins.

Some have posted their recommendations on their social media profiles, others like Michael van de PoppeThe veteran trader and Cointelegraph employee advised us that Altcoins should start in the first quarter of 2021without mentioning a specific group.

“My idea for 2021 is that Altcoins will follow suit with Bitcoin, last year’s performance.

In this regard, Bitcoin could have a correction first, but once it starts to consolidate, eyes should be on altcoins in the first quarter and summer of 2021 as these will likely be the periods when altcoins will start kicking. increase”.

For Michael, ATOM, the native coin of the Cosmos project, is one of the coins expected to perform well in 2021as revealed in his last tweet.

For his part, Lisa EdwardAs a seasoned influencer and cryptocurrency trader with an excellent trajectory and recognition within the community for his detailed analysis, he has left us with a great recap of what he sees for this year 2021. as far as altcoins are concerned.

“I’m looking forward to 2021, the market is about to explode and ALTs are associated with it. Cryptocurrencies are a baby in the overall market scheme, not yet in the trillions, but on the way, and as the money continues to flow, the ALTs will explode.

My main operations will be DOT, EGLD, DCR, LTC, LINK, BSV. Then I want to ask CryptoTwitter what they are HODliding and share impressions to rate the best patterns and gemstones that reach 100% quickly and easily. “

For Lisa, technological fundamentals and the support of the community for a specific project are compelling reasons to align her movements with a specific altcoin.

“My core businesses are built on strong fundamentals, development goals and the strength of the community. Community is important in crypto as passion drives adoption. The volatility in crypto ALTs has a huge appeal for me and the reason why I have such a large percentage of it in my portfolio. Every now and then I will switch to 100% BTC and then recalibrate my portfolio to move ALTS. “

And if that wasn’t enough The popular cryptocurrency trader pointed out that while some weren’t in an ALTSeason, some had excellent returns in 2020.

“2020 was an epic year for ALTs and I get asked a lot on Crypto Twitter when the ALT season is and we have been through it with great results. Some of my best surgeries were

3400% ERD, 1000%, LEND AAVE, 370% KAVA, LINK over 500%, THETA 150%, BLZ 100%, BAND 500%, WAVES 300%, OMG 470% And the list goes on … 2021 will only bring more of the same “.

It’s worth noting that Lisa is a self-proclaimed bullish personality when it comes to Bitcoin, as highlighted in her last tweet about the cryptocurrency and her peculiar graphic for BTC.

Bitcoin’s launch makes traders optimistic

Although Bitcoin is the favorite of many cryptocurrency traders, it is known in the community that the price spike suggests that an altcoin season will begin in the next quarter of 2021.

This is the case of David Battaglia, which has hinted at his favorite predictions for the next few days in his most recent Tweet. For David, Bitcoin will break the $ 30,000 barrier, while Ethereum will follow the example leading the rally in altcoins to $ 920 and THETA, whose altcoin is advertised on its official account, can reach $ 5.

Ethereum continues to be one of the preferred altcoins for many analysts in the Spanish-speaking crypto world. Such is the case of Daniel Muvdi, who insisted on his bet on ETH for future scenarios in December, in addition to Link and ADA, as he hinted at in his last tweet on December 24th.

It’s worth noting that at the time of this writing, the bet on the decline in Ripple’s wealth, XRP, has increased after it was revealed that some major exchanges like Coinbase have ceased operations on the XRPUSDT pair.

With that in mind, the popular @TradingLatino Twitter account was one of the most daring to suggest that the token would plummet in shape over the next few days past December 23 analysis.

As can be seen, the cryptocurrency analyst predicts a strategy in advance ‘Short‘Productive for the XRP token.


The crypto market is booming. With Bitcoin, which has hit all-time highs due to the resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic outlook, It’s not surprising that new stimulus packages are being approved and more casual investors are entering the ecosystem.

Coupled with the institutional demand, this could undoubtedly lead to a new bullish outlook for the major cryptocurrencies in the market in the coming year 2021. as a means of investment and quick returns to recover from the current economic situation.

Remember, however, that cryptocurrencies are volatile and that every investment landscape has its own risks. Therefore, it is a must for everyone who wants to invest in the next ALTSeason to find out about the market and especially about Altcoins.

The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cointelegraph. Every investment and trade movement is associated with risks. You should do your own research when making a decision.

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