Where is Ethereum 2.0 going?

As part of the Blockchain Summit Latam Online 2020, Raúl Jordán, one of the minds behind Prysmatic Labs, spoke about “The Path to Ethereum 2.0”, commented on some functions and explained how they work with the Go programming language.

Raúl Jordan noted: “We’re a company implementing Ethereum 2.0, basically a huge upgrade“.

It should be noted that this developer is of Honduran origin, although he moved to the US to study computer science.

Where is Ethereum 2.0 going?
Where is Ethereum 2.0 going?

“”I put together a team of 10 developers and we worked for a long time. Our team is creating Ethereum 2.0 in Go”He remarked.

When he was talking about Ethereum 2.0 specifically, he found that they have a formal specification.

“”Basically, the way we decide how the main chain works is a little different from Proof of Work (PoW). There are people who vote which block is right. We count the votes and use the ones with the most votes as the main chain”He detailed.

He also talked about scalability, explaining that it’s about meeting the need no matter how big it is and without any bugs.

On the other hand, emphasized the importance of Proof of Stake: “We have something very important, namely PoS. One of the great things about it is that it doesn’t use as much power as Proof of Work (PoW). Our idea is that this will be a much safer system. “

“To We’ll let the randomness spread. Currently, randomness is struggling in Ethereum, but we believe this will be very useful in financial applications. ”

Additionally, he emphasized Go, stating that it is a very popular programming language in the cloud.

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