Where does the concept of the “maximalist” come from?

“Let’s talk about Decred” is the name of the virtual meeting initiative they prepared for the Spanish speaking community of Decreed. The next issue will be in this context on September 24th and will deal with the topic of maximalism and its ideological application under the direction of Eloisa Cadenas. This was reported in Spanish by Decred to Cointelegraph.

The talk will consist in examining the origins and various ideological positions within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It is scheduled for the following hours:

“”In episode 14 of #HablemosDecred we will analyze where the maximalist concept came from and how it was applied to the development of ideologies for the growth of Bitcoin and other protocols in particular”Declared the organizers.

Where does the concept of the “maximalist” come from?
Where does the concept of the “maximalist” come from?

“This program observes that over time and in the context of the cryptocurrency industry, there are ideological positions that are gaining ground and occupying a relevant place in the perception of the community of users of these technologies,” they later added.

As they declared You will talk about Bitcoin’s ideological origins, the cypherpunks, and the libertarian and anarchic origins of these positions.

“While a maximalist stance can serve as a form of self-preservation and survival in a context plagued by fraud and Ponzi schemes, it can also act as a brake on innovation and a toxic ideological stance that drains growth rather than encourages it.” they noticed.

The meeting between the Decred en Español team and Eloisa Cadenas will then be an opportunity to learn more about the various ideological positions that exist in space and how they affect the vision that cryptocurrency users have of it.

About “Let’s Talk Decred”

This idea arose out of the need to bring together the diverse communities in Latin America who, despite their distances, share similar needs and interests when it comes to finance, and especially cryptocurrencies.

The main aim of the “Hablemos Decred” meetings is to share information and bring technology closer to all people who are interested in its development. and adoption. Online discussions, exhibitions and debates are organized on a wide variety of topics, ranging from software development and data protection to economic efficiency and freedom of expression.

In this way, the “Let’s Talk Decred” meetings take place every second Thursday on your Jitsi channel.

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