Where are the best annual percentage returns for stablecoins?

In this week’s episode of The Market Report, Cointelegraph experts reveal where you can find some of the best altcoin returns in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space.

But first, Market expert Marcel Pechman takes a close look at the Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) markets. Are the current market conditions bullish or bearish? What are the prospects for the coming months? Pechman is here to explain.

Join Cointelegraph analysts Benton Yaun, Jordan Finneseth and Sam Bourgi to discuss the best platforms for stablecoin returns. Will Bourgi’s choice, Convex Finance, prevail with its sizeable community, reputation, and diverse opportunities to generate returns, or will Yuan’s choice of Beefy.Finance, with its multi-chain performance optimizer, eclipse the rest? Not to be outdone by Bourgi and Yuan, Finneseth lays out his rationale for choosing the anchor protocol, which pays out returns in TerraUSD (UST). Which protocol do you think has the greatest potential? Leave a comment and vote in the chat room poll!

Where are the best annual percentage returns for stablecoins?
Where are the best annual percentage returns for stablecoins?

After the discussion, stay here for insights from Cointelegraph Markets Pro, a platform for crypto traders who want to stay ahead of the market. Using Markets Pro, analysts identify two altcoins that caught the eye this week: Ocean Protocol’s OCEAN and Secret Network’s SCRT.

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