When David Valencia was fired, he was left without funds. Now sells handmade engagement rings

When David Valencia was fired from his job, he remained without economic opportunities. With the 7,000 pesos he had, he decided to dare to start his own business.

“I really liked the engagement ring niche. I think asking for a hand is an unforgettable and unique experience and I wanted to do something special, ”said Valencia, owner and founder of Vitanni.

When David Valencia was fired, he was left without funds.  Now sells handmade engagement rings
When David Valencia was fired, he was left without funds. Now sells handmade engagement rings

David’s company – founded three years ago in Puebla – is a Mexican brand that specializes in handcrafted engagement rings. First, the entrepreneur told his brother Gabriel Valencia, who is currently at as marketing director Vitanni– about how difficult it was to get into such a competitive industry as jewelry. David said the jewelry giants had budgets of up to millions and he saw no way to keep up with these titans.

“Now that we are in this industry, I can tell you that it is ideal to surround yourself with very passionate people, to offer real value in the market and a differentiated product with a real background. We are a team of young Mexicans trying to find a place for ourselves in a multi-million dollar industry that has existed for hundreds of years, ”said the businessman.

Vitanni has two business models. First and foremost are the rings, handcrafted personally, which, when choosing the colors and stones, relate to the pieces that the customer selects through photos, so that each piece is unique. Second is the sale of the pieces made by Vitanni jewelry, most of which were designed by Mexican suppliers.

Vitanni makes customer service as specialized as possible as they have noticed other Mexican companies take it to another level. You strive for very personal and customer-oriented treatment. When he sends a message, he is taken care of quickly and by skilled artisans who cater to every consumer’s needs.

“From choosing a case to choosing a presentation, a personalized sketch of your piece is created, you can add a phrase you want to express. Also when choosing your ring the choice of precious stones – diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald, as well as semi-precious stones like topaz – and also someone to advise you so that you know the status of your product. It has become unique for the customer, we have a department with six employees who are completely dedicated to customer service, ”the businessman assured.

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That being said, due to the process they wear on each of their clients, it is clear that it is not a traditional jewelry as Vitanni has an expert who explains each of the parts of the ring, how it was made, the material, its properties and the entire process of the final product to customers so that they know more about their purchase.

Then people began to trust Vitanni. The brand started selling in shopping malls to develop. As he grew, David hired master craftsmen to carry out the designs, create a much stronger value chain, and develop the entire team.

“In the industry we shop in, the jewelry center, the work is sometimes poorly paid, despite the fact that they are artisans who devote themselves to development for up to 20 years. It is very important to be able to give them work, ”said Valencia.

Image: Courtesy of Vitanni

Engagement rings: a unique and unforgettable experience

Valencia was very attracted to the engagement ring segmentbut with a fresh perspective: that they were beautiful but affordable. However, when looking at the traditional national market offerings (which can start at 2,000 pesos with no additional attraction), David didn’t find the experience “cool” and he found them unattractive as they weren’t packaged in a special way and presentable .

“The experience wasn’t good for all consumers, just those who could pay a lot of money for a ring,” he said.

David based the Vitanni model on this principle: the proposal must be special for everyone, so the presentation must be beautiful, decent, and decent, even if the ring was cheap.

One of the purposes of this company is to provide couples with recommendations and tools for their personal relationships. In this case, getting married and getting engaged was Vitanni’s way of communicating with them and conveying this important message. L.The brand aims to create a connection and bond with couples not only to sell them but also to add value to their lives.

Likewise, when couples see the positive cycle that is created in the process of making each ring that interests them, so that they can see its internal and external value.

“Usually we want to add value to people through counseling and we start by running master’s referral courses for couples from the moment they meet until they are together when they develop problems. Help couples who come to the brand learn more through free suggestions, ”said Valencia.

Vitanni team / Image: Courtesy of Vitanni

Adapting and reliance on digital tools is an important step

Despite its constant and stable growth, the pandemic has made the situation very complicatedVitanni therefore had to adapt to the context that is lived through the specialization of his employees and betting on digital media.

“It was healthy growth from the start, we kept selling more parts, investing in advertising and hiring more people. But with the pandemic, things got pretty difficult. We had to carefully analyze what we were going to do. We were five people at the time and we had to pay the salaries, “said Valencia, recalling that his cash flow was very current with the hygienic restrictions.

They found the solution by selling on Facebook, promoting their page, and investing more advertising in Google Ads.

“Many established jewelers who have been active for 50 years or more have no longer served these digital areas and have concentrated on other aspects. The fact that we focused on implementing digital strategies has helped us a lot, ”added the entrepreneur.

With this in mind, Vitanni’s short-term goal is to make the engagement ring experience unique, to be able to deliver an impeccable product, a reason for both the person who is there and who is receiving it to be excited and to show it off off to your loved ones.

“My advice to people who are starting or wanting to start a business is to jump into the digital world and get involved. For example, make your Facebook page, Instagram and try to talk about the reason for the brand, what is their differentiating factor, so that they buy from them, have a speech and a dialogue with their customers, the latter makes the users close to you be and more in difficult times like those we live in, in certain industries badly affected by the pandemic, ”suggests Valencia.

Vitanni has the medium and long term purpose to help people and couples advise, support and give ideas on this very important process. You want to see united couples determined to start a new story and walk the path together, that is their dream and commitment.

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“As long as there is real passion and presence in a company, it is a guarantee that it will work. We say this because we are “babies” in a multimillion dollar industry that I would recommend to any entrepreneur not to be afraid of the industry they are going to get into, despite the fact that there are monsters and companies made up of hundreds of years old that are not scared from scratch, because there is an opportunity to become one of the most recognized companies in the world, ”concluded Valencia.

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