When bad ideas turn out to be good advice

Have you realized that when you start, everyone has a piece of advice to give you?

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Have you realized that when you start, everyone has a piece of advice to give you?

When bad ideas turn out to be good advice
When bad ideas turn out to be good advice

It is not that it is misrepresented, but I have a couple of doubts about the true intention of all these recommendations.

So instead of repeating those “pearls of knowledge” I preferred to take risks and give examples of how ” the worst advice ” can give good results in the business.

These are some things that people tell you not to do, but I recommend you do.

1. Surround yourself with people who say “yes” to everything

You have probably heard this suggestion among the things you do NOT have to do because if so, no one will give you constructive criticism and you will not grow.

But if you think about it, it is not wrong to surround yourself with this “type” of people, since when looking for people with expertise to invest in your ideas… it's okay to team up with them, don't you think?

2. Turn failure

Most people do NOT want to fail, but let's be honest, there is nothing more instructive than doing it.

Anyone who has failed (that is, all) will be able to tell you that they learned more from that than from some victory. In addition, over time, having lost gives you the confidence to take risks in the future.

Spanx billionaire entrepreneur and founder Sara Blakely said it was her brother and father who “pushed” her to lose.

“My dad used to ask my brother at dinner time what had gone wrong that week.” He claimed. “I still remember when I got home from school and was sorry 'Dad I failed horrible on the school project and it was horrible!' At that moment, my hand shook me and said 'you're on the way'; if he had nothing to fail he would be disappointed, ”he assured.

Although it is not the goal, failing is an important tool to win.

3. Don't decide

When it comes to entrepreneurship we love decision makers. To those who are committed and are not afraid to decide quickly without having enough context.

And yes, that can give good results, but making hasty decisions without enough information is not always the best option, it could even be the worst decision.

Sometimes it's okay to wait and watch what new information comes in or just see what others are doing and learn from those mistakes.

Taking time to determine something can help you see things more clearly and consider possible approaches that you cannot perceive when making a hasty decision.

In the end, the best decision will be the best option, even if it takes longer.

4. Do not delegate

How many times have you been told about the importance of letting others do some of your work? “You can't do everything,” we say. “You will end up on fire” we warned you. “Find and trust experts” we advise.

And yes, it can be, but there is a reason why entrepreneurs and business leaders want to exercise it: they know how to do it the way they want it to go.

The military say well: “Trust, but verify” and well, that's my advice.

I'm not saying you have to do it all by yourself, since it's about making decisions together with the people you hired. What I mean is that following business advice to the letter may be unfavorable to you.

In the end, you will do what you see fit. So you know: Although it sounds like a bad idea, it can be good advice.

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