WhatsApp displays ads. If you are not in favor, you can delete it

The instant messaging application notifies its users of changes and modifications to the terms of use.

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WhatsApp displays ads. If you are not in favor, you can delete it
WhatsApp displays ads. If you are not in favor, you can delete it

One of the characteristics that make a difference Whatsapp These are the updates that will be made from time to time. This instant messaging application ultimately tried to introduce a more direct communication system for all users. All of this indicated that they would create a system similar to the one that it has telegramwhere two-step verification codes are received and notifications of news about the application software. In case of Whatsappwill implement a new system of Display.

According to data from WABetaInfo, The instant messaging application recently released new updates for Android – web version and iOS 2.20.130 in the App Store. These updates are now supported with a new feature that allows WhatsApp to announce certain information.

What would the ads look like?

The ads would not be sent in the form of a chat, but would be displayed as a kind of banner in the respective app and would redirect you to external websites. In the same way, they may require certain actions from the user.

Ads look like this:


This is the ad that will appear when the application publishes its new terms and announces its new update:

  • How WhatsApp processes your data.
  • How businesses can use Facebook hosted services to store and manage their WhatsApp chats.


New terms of use for 2021

Whatsapp will change its terms of use and privacy policy February 8, 2021, but this date can change. If you do not approve of the changes, you can delete your WhatsApp account via the configuration. These updated Terms of Use will be posted in the following weeks.

As, It is not advertising for commercial purposes. unless rather from services, always connected to the community or the app.

We spend a lot of time with this application

The numbers indicate that the number of users who use WhatsApp is very high and not only that, but the time we spend sending messages through this application.

In accordance with eMarketerThe forecast is that this year more than two thousand 520 million users will be active in the applications of this sector worldwide. According to data from Visual capitalistToday more than 41.6 million mobile messages are sent every minute.

WhatsApp continues to lead the way, maintaining exponential growth and strengthening the strategy that has held it in place for years.

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