What’s new in the Skyscraper NFTs game?

On November 27th, DSG users can test the updated version of the first of their deliveries within the gaming platform developed by DSG ECOSYSTEM, whose DSG token will be used for use in all games developed in the ecosystem.

According to Cointelegraph in Spanish, This first part is the D-Skyscraper game which simulates something similar to the well-known Monopoly game but is carried over to the blockchain world.

To make the gambling economy more efficient and after listening to the community, The development team has decided to move the board to the Matic network– they clarified in a statement.

What’s new in the Skyscraper NFTs game?
What’s new in the Skyscraper NFTs game?

This makes it more economical for users to interact with the game. The game uses the Chainlink oracle to guarantee the randomness of the spins. In the MATIC network, the TX fee is reduced to just 0.0001 link per spin at the current price, ”they added.

Messages and letters

What’s more The team behind D-Skyscraper has integrated the following new features into the use of the game to increase player interaction:

Booster card – increases the profitability of built buildings

Card bomb – drive a building off the board

Advance card level – unlock higher level boards

Free move card – allows you to move to any space on the board.

Bonus box – open a secure competition with multipliers

â ???? This new version responds to the need to improve the offer for the player by increasing the number of boards, as a full rotation of the board unlocks a higher tier board, making the game unlimited and more interactive with the new boxes and letters NFTâ? ???, they specified.

This is the first of four deliveries planned for the next eight months.

The following games are suggested in the roadmap:

  • A game for horse racing and betting (release date January 2022)

  • The sports betting house where you can bet on various sporting events (departure date March 2022)

  • The delivery of D-Land City, a virtual city where players can buy their land, build their buildings in six different classes first, and trade with the rest of the players in town to upgrade their buildings, all the greater rewards to obtain. This game is set up as a metaverse within the ecosystem and as real agriculture and with real income based on the economy of the previous games.

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