What your email style says about your personality

The opinions of the employees of You are personal.

As you go through life you tend to follow one of the following four general personality patterns.

What your email style says about your personality
What your email style says about your personality

The idea of ​​different personality types is ancient and was first observed a long time ago when the ancient Greeks divided people’s personalities into four humours. In the last century, different personality theories emerged to describe patterns of thought, feeling and behavior.

You can see natural differences in personality when you interact with other people. Some of the people you meet are lively and social. Others speak softly and remain silent. Some are very active while others are systematic thinkers.

In the system I developed, called the “energy profile,” the four main ways that people move through life are the four types of energy. Having worked with thousands of customers over the past 25 years, I have observed these behaviors. I’ve seen people show their type of energy in everything they do: how they speak, how they make decisions, and even how they write emails.

Let’s look at the email habits of the four. Which one describes you best?

Type 1: The Emailer animated

Type 1 energy is light and spontaneous. People who express this personality are often funny and, of course, upbeat wherever they go.

His email style is usually quick and fun. They are the ones who love emojis and tend to use lots of exclamation marks and anything to add movement to their emails. Because of their random energy, they can respond at odd hours.

When this describes you, assume your ability to bring positivity to any interaction. Just because others take email seriously doesn’t mean it should be you. The email app Boomerang analyzed the response rates of over 300,000 emails and found that a good deal is more likely to lead to a reply.

What to watch out for: When certain emails are urgent, set a reminder or delegate. Otherwise, your more random nature could cause you to lose important things.

Type 2: The detailed writer

Type 2 energy is fluid and connected. People with this way of being usually have soft voices. You have a gift for making things more comfortable for others.

Their email style is usually longer and more detailed. You can take the time to respond as they will be attentive to whatever is sent to them. Because of their natural sensitivity, they may spend more time thinking about how their message will be received.

If this describes you, improve your gift for planning. The email service MailChimp determined that the optimal time of day for sending an email is between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. in the recipient’s time zone. Use your planning gift to send emails when you are most likely to get a response.

What to watch out for: Don’t make your emails so soft that it minimizes your own opinions.

Type 3: The fast messenger

Type 3 energy is active and passionate. People who express this attitude take action quickly and often move other people too.

Her email style is usually practical and to the point. However, details are more likely to be lost. Since the energy is reactive, your emails may come in multiple short emails at a time rather than one long email. Your answers are also quick. With their passionate energy, they can use exclamation marks or capital letters to express their point.

If this describes you, it means you have a lot of energy and communication via email can work in your favor.

What to watch out for: Be patient with other people’s response times. Your speed is a gift, but not everyone has it. Your pace can also mean you are missing details!

Type 4: The clear communicator

Type four energy is bold and precise. People like this value clarity, see the bigger picture, and think about how to improve it.

Your email style is usually concise. They don’t waste words, but they likely seem overly critical or blunt, so they only write what is absolutely necessary (even if it’s a single word). If an email to them doesn’t have a definitive question, they may not respond at all.

If this describes you, respect your ability to do things more efficiently. Optimization tools are your friend, so consider using them subjects of Advance Marketing Institute to improve the impact of the subject (title) of your email.

What is to be considered?: You tend to think of everything and nothing. If your email habits or interactions are extreme, focus on finding more balance.

So you know what your email style is. What now?

Yes, it is fun knowing how to send an email. But knowing who you really are can change your life.

As entrepreneurs, we need to best connect with others to be the best version of ourselves. For example, if you are Type 2, you may seem too calm. However, if you embrace your natural softness, you will build powerful one-to-one connections. Every type of energy has a balance between strengths and challenges.

Knowing who you are can use your tendencies to your advantage. Both in your inbox and in the rest of your life.

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