What You Can Learn About SpongeBob’s ship

Yes, SpongeBob is an entrepreneur.

The opinions of the employees of You are personal.

What You Can Learn About SpongeBob’s ship
What You Can Learn About SpongeBob’s ship

“Mom,” my 9-year-old son recently said to me. “What is a ? “

“It’s someone like mom who has her own business,” I replied. “Why do you ask?”

“Why Sponge Bob it’s one, “he told me.

It turns out there is an episode of Sponge Bob called that deals with how open a store. Here’s the plot, and what real business owners can learn from it: As a result Sponge Bob You are shocked to think that you want to get rich after accidentally receiving a high-end luxury magazine in the mail. Him and his best friend, the lovely one Patrick StarThey got the idea of ​​selling candy bars door to door to make their fortune. They are supplied in two versions with and without nuts.

You get into trouble right away. Your first customer seems scary. Scream “CHOCOLATE!” and starts chasing them down the street. This happens to entrepreneurs who meet a fanatical customer that they cannot deal with.

On the run from this strange customer, SpongeBob and Patrick fall victim to a series of marketing scams by a handbag seller and end up spending a small fortune on various unnecessary products to keep their candy bars. What inexperienced entrepreneur hasn’t spent on unnecessary packaging just to miss a budget?

When SpongeBob finally finds a customer, he loses patience as he tries to open all the pockets and find the candy bar. Lesson: Annoying packaging design leads to loss of customers.

The two friends try a variety of outrageous and aggressive sales techniques that backfire and end up selling a bar to an old lady with the idea that rubbing against your skin will instill eternal youth. This is a great example of classic misleading marketing.

s end up selling a few candy bars, but they’re obviously not getting the riches.

Finally the strange customer shouts “CHOCOLATE!” reaches them. It turns out that you’ll want to buy all of your candy bars! The instant income could have been yours if only they’d listened to their customers. Better late than never: SpongeBob manages to pay for dinner in an expensive restaurant.

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In this episode there are classic business lessons:

  • Don’t burden your budget with unnecessary things
  • Listen to your customers
  • Don’t tell lies
  • Be authentic with your brand

They seem very obvious things but are kind of very difficult for some entrepreneurs to do.

Video courtesy of Nickelodeon.

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