What would happen if Tether fell?

Time bomb or false alarm? The crypto community in general doesn’t seem to be very concerned with the legal issues facing Tether and Bitfinex. Amid rumors, doubts and official statements, the most important stable coin in the ecosystem hardly fulfills the expected parity of 1: 1. Apparently the account is not accurate. Which tells us that this hybrid is made up of actual debris and inorganic emissions. In a sense, it’s a private central bank. It works, however. And the market doesn’t seem to care what goes on behind the scenes as long as it works. Tether is on all exchanges. It’s one of the most important couples of all. And market capitalization quadrupled in 2020. Too big to fall Or an apocalyptic catastrophe just around the corner?

Many in this area know the tether topic. The reactions were different. Many think that the problem does not exist as such. The most important thing is that it works. Others feel that Tether has many shortcomings, but its network performance is too strong to ignore. The fact that it was the first helps a lot. That is, its popularity protects it. I assume that many exchanges have had long discussions about tether. The cost of not posting on your lists and the cost of posting on your lists. Obviously everyone is taking the risk. I don’t have a crystal ball. But it is clear that Tether is one of the weakest links in our chain. It could very well be a problem that creeps in and gets bigger and more complicated over time.

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What would happen if Tether fell?
What would happen if Tether fell?

Users trust Tether for a number of reasons. First, it’s been with us for a long time. I mean out of habit. Tether is currently the fourth cryptocurrency in this area with a capitalization of approximately $ 20 billion. How can it be a scam that is so popular? Another element is naivety. I mean, not everyone knows the reality of Tether. In addition, users trust the exchange. Tether is believed to be on all exchanges because the exchanges conducted their studies on it. Basically, the stock exchanges give you the green light.

That is the inevitable question. What’s really going on? Are Tether’s Critics Wrong? Are exchange victims, accomplices, or sinners of omission? Or is everything just a false positive and everything is fine?

So what’s really the problem with tether? Everything is fine in the beginning. Tether works and is more popular than ever. He has had legal problems in the past and cases are being processed, but everything has been resolved for now. Of course, we also have the problem of parity and a lack of transparency. But the company found that with a hiring of – if you don’t like it, you can go -. What worked because people won’t leave. Users are then at their own risk. It’s a kind of warned war.

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