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What to do if a Hot Sale 2020 campaign is not adhered to?

May 23, 2020

The offers of this event are available from Friday, May 22nd to Friday, June 1st. Therefore, we leave you some recommendations here that you should consider when buying.

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What to do if a Hot Sale 2020 campaign is not adhered to?
What to do if a Hot Sale 2020 campaign is not adhered to?

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The official period of Sale, The online mega sale ends on Friday June 1st and more than 400 affiliates will participate. Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO).

“Although hot sale promotions and discounts depend on each store and are applied electronically, we need to know how customers can avoid abuse or back up in the event of damage.”, explains Bernardo Prum, director of

“The most important way to defend your rights after an electronic transaction is through the voucher or proof of purchase. Notifying the bank of the charge is not enough if you have to file a complaint about a defect in the product or service. “Prum adds.

To help consumers have a backup of their purchases during this offer period, the Financial Services Comparator is Coru. com gives some recommendations in the event that promotions are not followed.

What to check on all your electronic hot sale purchases

When making an online purchase, it is important that you receive an email or digital ticket of the transaction as this is the main means of supporting your complaint if the product or service does not meet your needs and is not delivered correctly has been. Or do not take any promised action.

The most important data that you should check in your transaction are:

  • Order confirmation. Make sure you get a number or password that will ensure that your request has been received and approved by the dealer. Sometimes an order is sent before confirmation, meaning a notice that the fee is being processed. It is important to have a confirmed order number or a password.

  • Order details. Ideally, a photo of the item and a physical description of what the purchased goods or service contain (model, color, year, weight, version, validity, etc.) should be displayed. It should indicate who sells it, since in the case of trading electronically, the sale between individuals or companies can be made directly to the customer without intermediaries.

  • Terms and conditions. In the lower parts of the virtual store or in the “More Information” section of the shopping cart, the conditions for this sale are usually specified. It is your duty to read them. If you do not identify them, you should ask the contact medium before proceeding with the transaction, especially if you intend to take advantage of a promotion or discount on this purchase.

  • Delivery dates. Make sure you know how and when to receive your goods, whether they are downloadable electronic tickets (for flights or other service times), or whether the delivery address is the one you specified. Keep in mind that during the sales seasons, many stores can offer free shipping, but depending on a certain quantity, a certain geographical area and unusual delivery times.

Further basic requirements for your ticket, voucher or proof of purchase if you want to make a claim:

  • Date and time of the transaction.

  • Address and full details of the seller.

  • Sales number, ticket, order or sales reference.

  • Operation detail: number of items and description

  • Breakdown of prices and code or specification of the action in the subtotal of the account.

  • Tax data for invoicing and data or contact options in case of doubts or clarifications (this data must not only be available on the website but also on the ticket or receipt).

What to do if a hot sale campaign is not adhered to?

  1. Look for your proof of purchase and proof of payment, whether it was physical or electronic. If you do not have it, search the website’s website for the basic information described above and collect as much information about your transaction as will serve as the basis for substantiating your complaint.

  2. Inform the facility of your disagreement directly via their contact means. Include a copy or picture of your ticket and the approved fee.

If you don’t get a positive answer, contact the Concilia Express from the from the Federal Office for Consumers (Prophecy)with the same previous data, in particular with regard to the name of the company and the location, date and time of the transaction. The consumer’s phone number is 55 68 87 22 and 01 800 468 87 22 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. A representative of the Attorney General’s Office will contact the supplier to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.