What to do if a Good End 2020 promotion is not adhered to?

Although the offers, promotions, and discounts of this ninth edition of the Good End are based on each company, there are public bodies that are responsible for verifying that the facilities are not abusing.

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What to do if a Good End 2020 promotion is not adhered to?
What to do if a Good End 2020 promotion is not adhered to?

In the 2019 edition of Good end 661 complaints were registered with the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco). The products with the most complaints were electronics, displays, laptops, and tech in general. Department stores and self-service stores such as Walmart, Sam’s Club and Liverpool concentrated 62% of the total complaints reported, according to the agency.

“As customers, we need to be aware of our purchase and assert our rights by reporting any possible business abuse to Profeco. Either through non-compliance with the price or advertising or through deception in advertising or false promises, ”warns Sebastián Medrano, Director of

“The most important thing when you are a victim of abuse by an establishment is to have evidence to support what happened and to file a complaint with Profeco,” added Medrano.

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Procedure in the event of abuse by a company:

1. Evidence of the situation

Gather some evidence that provides evidence to confirm the situation. Regardless of whether you take a photo, you have the promotional or email address where you appreciate the promise of the business and the consumption ticket with the violation of the company.

2. Contact the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) via one of the various channels

  • Social networks: Facebook (ProfecoOficial) and Twitter (@Profeco)
  • Profeco phone line: for Mexico City 5625 6700 and the interior of the Republic 01 (800) 468 8722
    Immediately WhatsApp: 55 80 78 04 88, 55 80 78 04 85 and 55 80 78 03 44
  • In customer service modules installed in airports and shopping centers.

3. Follow up for clarification

  • To do this, you must have the documents requested by the Profeco advisor and check the status of the complaint using the means indicated.

4. Recommendations to avoid abuses in the good end

  • Compare prices and deals in stores. Use the Profeco Virtual Store Comparator, which enables consumers to verify that the online store websites comply with the provisions of the Federal Consumer Protection Act.
  • Check the terms and conditions. All promotions are restricted. Hence, it is important to ask the store staff about the circumstances in which they can be used.
  • Check the offers from the banks. Before paying at the checkout, ask about the specials the store has. As a rule, each bank offers different offers and payment methods for each business.

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