What Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, and Eleanor Roosevelt taught me about fear

Three figures admired by various triumphs and their lessons in the face of fear.

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What Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, and Eleanor Roosevelt taught me about fear
What Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, and Eleanor Roosevelt taught me about fear

Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan Y. Eleanor Roosvelt. Three figures who were admired for different triumphs. Each of these celebrities have been quoted by millions of people and their philosophies have taught us lessons for everything.

We can benefit a lot from our fears

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence for every experience that terrifies you. Only then can you say to yourself, “When I’ve been through this, I can do whatever comes next.”

This Roosevelt quote is particularly powerful because it breaks the typical taboo of a leader who speaks of not being afraid. You know “those who instead of blood let frozen fluid flow through their veins. The same ones who save the day and leave us all wanting a little bit of it courage”.

The way we respond to difficult situations is the real key, and the way we do it is thanks to our experience. In other words, these responses can be taught, learned, and improved, and it was the first lady who put this problem into perspective by not only saying that fear was real, but also showing that it was possible to grow from it.

Think about what could be the worst that can happen

Do I really have so much to lose? In the famous speech When Jobs gave at Stanford University in 2005, he did not use the word “fear” directly, but spoke of the tool against the fear of failure.

“Reminding myself that I will soon die is the most important tool I have found to help make big decisions in my life. Expectations, pride and fear of rejection are nullified before death, revealing the only important thing. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way not to fall into the trap of losing something. You are already naked, there is no reason not to follow your heart. “

The co-founder of Manzana I use this “macabre thought” in life to never forget that this is too short a time to worry me. It was this mental trick that made him focus on progress rather than freezing.

Fear is just an illusion

“Maybe one day you will see me play at 50,” said Michael Jordan with a smile. “Don’t laugh. Never say never, fears are limits and these are sometimes an illusion.”

Think of a child who is afraid to do something new. Mom and Dad will encourage their child to go diving or pedaling a bike. As soon as the little one does it, he smiles. Then the parents ask, “It wasn’t that bad, was it? Aren’t you proud that you tried at all?”

As a child, we need a constant “reminder” that we can do it so that this fear is not on our mind. Fathers know how to get the child out of his or her Comfort zone It is a crucial part of their development so that they understand what fear means.

As Jordan said, there are others who are just an illusion as there are fears that are vital to human survival.

If you stop rearranging those fears, as a child does when they think “it wasn’t so bad trying,” you will gain the courage to decide what is right, even if you can frightened for a moment.

The hero, villain, winner, loser, leader, or follower faces identical fears. The only difference is in the way they are processed and displayed.

In facing our fears, we need to remember that the people we look up to have also had insecurities but have learned to defeat them.

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