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What role does advertising play in accelerating crypto adoption in Latin America?

September 1, 2020

The global situation and especially what is happening in some Latin American countries have aroused more interest in cryptocurrencies. Leandro Reta Sabio, founder and CEO of Futre Crypto Media, shared his vision of the role of mass advertising in accelerating crypto adoption in Latin America with Cointelegraph en Español of Argentina.

“”We have seen a boom in crypto ads in the past few weeks and I think the industry is starting to understand that the adoption of the crypto masses will take place in the advertising mass media.“Said Reta Sabio.

According to the CEO of Futre Crypto Media There is great interest in cryptocurrencies in our region and not because they are simple early adopters of technology or because of an ideological question.

What role does advertising play in accelerating crypto adoption in Latin America?What role does advertising play in accelerating crypto adoption in Latin America?

“I think it’s easy. We don’t want the fruits of our labor to diminish in value by the minute due to the economic actions of our governments on duty, ”he noted.

With this in mind, he described what the target group is like, according to his eyes: “In order to enlarge the market, the target group walks through the streets of the cities, checks the news of the day with their mobile phones and sees the news of the night and Google” like to buy bitcoins “. Right now it’s not on Reddit or in Telegram crypto groups “

Then he added, “During my ten years of experience as a consultant and trainer in digital marketing, I have focused on increasing the ROI of campaigns through the metrics that digital platforms give us. What if I told them we can combine our digital campaigns with dynamic digital street displays to measure results? ”

Reta Sabio believes that in order to achieve mass adoption, we must “win the streets”. In this regard, he stated, “I think it is time for the crypto communities in Latin America to tell a public that they need cryptocurrencies but do not know where to start.”

An analysis of Binance and grayscale

Reta Sabio cited two examples, with Binance and Grayscale being viewed as some of those attempting mass campaigns on public streets and on television.

Binance launched its campaign by announcing “Money is moving, time to adapt” on the streets of London to show how currencies are doing for them.

“”In their ads, they refer to Bitcoin and not to cryptocurrencies in general, possibly because their target audience has positioned Bitcoin versus cryptocurrencies when referring to this industryExplained the CEO of Futre Crypto Media.

“It is clear that there is no prominent call to action and that even Bitcoin coins are more visible than the word Binance. I interpret that this campaign will be the first of many where the focus is on presenting Bitcoin to society and then choosing its brand, ”he later emphasized.

On the other hand, Grayscale ran a 30-second ad on some television networks in the United States with a clear goal: “We will bring cryptocurrencies to the masses.”

“On several occasions there have been complaints because the ad communicated the development of the money and did not speak directly about Bitcoin. Maybe, in accordance with Binance, You need to first make it clear that your target audience knows that Bitcoin exists, and then go to a company associated with that industry. These ads are clearly not intended for advanced cryptocurrency users”, Analyzed Reta Sabio.

Finally, the following question was asked: could you envision a Google ad in 2000 trying to position your brand without first mentioning the internet?

His answer was as follows: “I think we are now going the same way at advertising level. That’s why I think it is useful to continue to arouse massive interest in cryptocurrencies. In my opinion, crypto companies operating in Latin America should think about this before taking their brands on the streets. I insist that we need to advertise in mass media in order to generate massive crypto adoption. “

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