What kind of wedding dress will Meghan Markle wear?

With less than a week to go until the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the biggest fashion moment of the year remains a secret.

The secret is: Meghan’s wedding dress.

What will Meghan wear?

What kind of wedding dress will Meghan Markle wear?
What kind of wedding dress will Meghan Markle wear?

What will Meghan wear?

Once upon a time… royal wedding dresses were richly coloured

Queen Mary I was married in purple in 1554 – reserved exclusively for royals

In 1816 Princess Charlotte wore real silver thread with silver embroidery

Then Queen Victoria chose a simple white dress in English silk and lace

And set the pattern for white weddings ever after

The Queen Mother broke the mould in a loose flapper-era gown

But there are some style rules almost all royal dresses follow

No knees, please – royal dresses are nearly always full length

Since the 50s, skirts have slowly increased in volume

Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria went for an ‘off-the-shoulder’ look

But sleeves are still the done thing for most royal brides

A couple more finishing touches help define the royal look…

A train adds a sense of grandeur as you glide to the altar

And a veil remains quintessential for a royal wedding – Kate wore one too

The timeless princess role-model remains Grace Kelly in a high-neck and full-sleeves

Quite different from the layered tulle dress Meghan wore as an actress in Suits

But maybe she has a few surprises for us – we’ll soon find out

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