What is your motivation How to remember why you do what you do

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Research shows that more successful and resilient people it is motivated by a purpose. For most of us, however, daily work can become a boring routine or something completely overwhelming and stressful. When we remember our deepest aspirations (our underlying intentions), we can find a new passion and a new one purpose In our work, it can help us admit that it is time to make changes.

What is your motivation How to remember why you do what you do
What is your motivation How to remember why you do what you do

An intention or purpose is what we aspire to as individuals, as members of our community (family or at work), and as citizens of the world. When I was a kid, my father, the famous author Deepak ChopraHe asked my brother and me what we wanted. We used to answer things like tickets to a concert, new clothes or video games. And he patiently led us to think about the qualities we wanted in our lives: love, connection, joy, and purpose.

A purpose represents our deepest desires, those emotional and spiritual desires that we ask for when we are honest and authentic. The purposes are different from our goals. The goals are directed towards specific activities, they are born from our mind and end in a result. The purposes are emotional and are born from our soul.

In the bestseller of New York Times WellbeingThe Gallup organization describes the five essential elements for an exciting and healthy life: professional, social, financial, physical and community well-being. And while ideally we would achieve this well-being in all five areas, financial and professional well-being often feel out of our control because we have families and responsibilities in our community.

Although responsibilities seem overwhelming and our work sometimes feels mundane or stressful, sometimes it’s important to remember why we are doing what we are doing and to find new ways to motivate ourselves. Here are some ideas you can try to reconnect with your desires and find your daily motivation:

1. Try this meditation and ask yourself, “What do I want?”

You can do this exercise anywhere: in bed, in your office, or in the car before you get home. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and breathe in and out. As you breathe, count to three in your head. One two. Three. As you exhale, count to four in your head: one. Two. Three. Four.

Take three breaths like this. Breath in and breath out. Breath in and breath out. Breath in and breath out.

Now ask yourself: what do I want?

If the first thing that comes to mind is something tangible, like money, then it’s normal. Push yourself a little more and ask yourself what do you want the money for. Which wish will you fulfill? Remember to be honest with yourself. This is a personal exercise.

2. Set a mini-purpose for today

Thinking about our purpose in life and our deepest desires can be overwhelming at times, so taking it step by step can be very helpful.

In the morning before you start work, set an intention or purpose for the day. It can be something like: My purpose today is to connect with someone who is new. Or I want to get out of the routine today. I would like to thank my colleagues.

Try to set a mini-purpose for each day of the week for an entire week.

3. End your day with gratitude

The research on gratitude is compelling. Gratitude can help you sleep better, have more empathy, reduce depression, and have more mental strength.

Expressing gratitude is a very simple thing, and the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

At the end of the day, before bed, take a deep breath and focus your attention on your heart while thinking about one thing for which you are grateful. As you ponder what you are grateful for, you become increasingly aware of why you feel loved and happy.

The first step in getting what you want in life is just knowing what you want to achieve. Your desires and aspirations change over time and it is important to review and reconfirm that you are on the right track. Once you are clear about your deepest desires, it is time to consider how to achieve them. You can set goals and milestones to make changes that will make you healthier, happier, more connected, and serving others.

It is not possible to change our job or career that easily, but purpose is like a germ. A seed has all its potential: if we plant it, let it take root, the sun and rain tend to it, we can trust that over time it will bloom into a beautiful tree or flower. Once we know our goals, we will feel more comfortable expressing our desires to ourselves, our loved ones, and our community. And we begin to look for ways to live our desires through our relationships, work, and daily activities. We begin day by day to make greater sense of small things.

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