What is the difference between the happy ending and Black Friday 2020?

Which is the best for you to buy? And how similar are they? We tell you all the details.

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  • Both were born from the same idea, but the offerings are a little different from each other.
What is the difference between the happy ending and Black Friday 2020?
What is the difference between the happy ending and Black Friday 2020?

The sales season is the opportunity to buy items you’ve longed for throughout the year. And although both events the happy ending and black fridayThey are dedicated to that, there are differences between them, especially this year.

When is the good end and Black Friday?

He Good endIt usually took four days in Mexico, but eleven days in 2020 from November 11-20. This is to move the economy and to give shoppers more options to shop without the crowds.

On the other hand the Black Friday (Black Friday), in the United States it takes place the day after Thanksgiving, that is, in 2020 it will be November 27th.

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Which one is better to buy?

The main advantage of the good end is precisely the duration, as Black Friday is only one day (so far). According to a study by Deloitte, the main advantages buyers find in the good end are discounts and interest-free months. Then the 2×1, the subscriptions to electronic wallets, the discount on a second product and the start of payment in the following months.

In the case of Black Friday, this is the day of the lowest prices in the north of the country, both in physical stores and online.

The question is how you would like to buy, whether in installments or at a very low price right now, up to 80 percent off. Another point of interest is online sales. This year this sector will definitely grow.

What is the origin of Black Friday?

When the Thanksgiving Parades were launched in the early decades of the 20th century, it became a tradition to start Christmas shopping after the holidays. However, dealers are said to have put then-President Flanklin Roosevelt under pressure to have more sales days before Thanksgiving. A week went by, but the idea didn’t work and they reverted to the original idea.

It was called Black Friday because it was the day when the stores were out of the red and had higher profits i.e. black numbers.

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How did the happy ending start?

These sales days have started in Aztec countries for 9 years in 2011. They are inspired by Black Friday of the northern neighbors. It was precisely implemented to reactivate the Mexican economy. It was an initiative of the Business Coordinating Congress and the Government of Mexico.

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