What is the best strategy to outperform during the hot sale 2020?

The event starts on May 22nd and lasts until June 1st. Have you already prepared your company for sale these days?

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What is the best strategy to outperform during the hot sale 2020?
What is the best strategy to outperform during the hot sale 2020?

By David Santanilla, Manager for SME Solutions at Google Mexico

Year after year the numbers for Sale They never stop surprising us. In 2018, the growth of digital buyers was historic, attracting 3.7 million new consumers who generated around 11 billion pesos in sales during the season.

The Hot Sale has managed to position itself as a season for Internet users Online purchases. So much so that 28% growth is expected this year, which will attract more and more users.

The event that has its Start this May 22nd and run through June 1st It’s a unique opportunity to lure customers to both the big business websites and stores P.ymesthat should not miss this important shopping season.

While this type of event can significantly increase sales, it can be challenging to outperform. Therefore I would like to give you the four most important tips to be successful this season.

1. Master the foreplay to win during the event

Consumers start their search about two to three weeks before the event because they want to prepare their options so that it is clear what purchases they want to make during the dates. This behavior is reflected in the searches generated on, where 20% of all hot sale searches are performed one week before the event begins. For this reason, it is important to anticipate the products / categories that are offered for sale and to involve users who have expressed interest in these products, either through remarketing lists during the hot sale week or with personalized mailings if that Promotions are activated.

2. The experience goes beyond advertising

We can have the most attractive advertising on the market, but if we don’t offer a good user experience, all potential customers will be lost within seconds. It is important to check the state of charge on our site. Why? If your website doesn’t load in less than five seconds, you will lose a large proportion of the users who were interested in your offer or discount. The free Google Test My Site tool will analyze your page and give you a page load report and suggestions for improving and optimizing that speed.

Another important aspect that needs to be checked is the easy navigation on our website. If you have hot sale promotions, it is important that they are visible on your page so that users can easily find the products for sale.

3. The key to success is segmentation

The hot sale season is one of the most competitive of the year as thousands of advertisers get their best promotions and strategies to reach the most customers. So we have to be very smart when segmenting campaigns.

One way is to take advantage of remarketing lists by using all the information they have stored over time and targeting personalized promotions to your potential customers. For those who start their campaigns a few weeks earlier, there is enough time to create lists that remind the user of the specific advertisement for the product that they visited days before.

On the other hand, in terms of your search engine strategies, it is advisable to be selective with the words we use in our publications, to take advantage of remarketing search lists, and to choose the category keywords that are accompanied by an intent to preview your user Brand.

After all, you have to use all email databases (the more segmented, the better) to be able to communicate individually using solutions such as Google’s Customer Match.

4. Support and optimization

The hot sale is a very short season of just five days to attract most customers, to fall in love and to convince. All areas of your business must be focused on providing the best customer service during these 120 hours.

Customer care is a fundamental element to solving doubts and questions in real time, which has a direct impact on the number of sales you can generate. Also design the optimization strategy of your digital campaigns and consider which type of metrics and variables are more important to achieve the sales goals you are aiming for.

Optimizing your digital campaigns in real time is the key to your success this season.

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