What is seed capital and entrepreneurial capital?

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The difference between a Business idea and a going concern is called Seed capital Y. entrepreneurial capital, which each represent the initial investment for commissioning; and early investment to increase growth.

Seed capital

What is seed capital and entrepreneurial capital?
What is seed capital and entrepreneurial capital?

It is the first funding to start a new business or advance its development early on. In general, it comes from the entrepreneur and his close circle (Friends, family fools). Its goal is the company’s startup needs and it is not characterized by a return on investment.

In this sense, the federal government has through the National Institute of s (Inadem) has 3,760 million pesos in the National Fund to support the creation and consolidation of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.


Generally speaking, it is a non-refundable investment that does not require any higher requirements. In the case of government funds, an incubation process must be carried out that has a business plan and a minimum capital (usually 20% of the initial investment).


The Friends, family fools They form a non-formal system. Although seed capital is zero or minimal cost capital, it has the disadvantage that it is a finite and finite resource that, being completely lost, cannot be reclaimed over and over again.


Fall into the temptation to use the resource in areas unrelated to starting the business. To avoid this, you should take into account that these funds should ideally be used for developing a commercial prototype, acquiring machinery and equipment, preparing a business plan, developing a market study, and feasibility study.

Helpful contacts

National ship Fund

It promotes national, regional and sectoral economic growth by promoting productivity and innovation in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

ial capital

This type of capital is in venture capital. It is aimed at start-up companies with high growth potential. In contrast to seed capital, investors invest their money in the hope of not only winning it back, but also making a profit from it.

It works by injecting capital in exchange for an equity stake or debt convertible into stocks Capital angel and the Venture capital its main exponents.


It has a double advantage: on the one hand, it represents fresh resources and, on the other hand, it represents important added value for the company’s performance, such as support, advice and a network of contacts for investors.

“The funds are looking for companies with attractive sales and an innovative and scalable business model. want investments in which they can demonstrate a track positive and significant growth. In return, they give smart money;; This is a mentoring theme that helps entrepreneurs make decisions, improve their sales, strengthen their governance and improve the company’s performance, ”explains Ana Laura Fernández, Assistant Director of ial Capital at Nacional Financiera.


Despite the turbocharging of many companies, it demands a good one pitch Increase investment. The cost of money is higher than that of public capital. Take into account the discrepancies that result from incorporating new partners into your company with voice and voice, as well as the dependence on investors.

“According to statistics, out of every 1,000 companies it sees, a fund only invests in eight on average. The sectors that are most invested are health, information technology and education, ”adds Fernández.


One of the most frequently cited is the loss of control or ungovernability resulting from the lack of clarity in the attributions of members of society. In order to avoid discrepancies, it tries to maintain control over the company and defines the functions and scope of the general meeting.

Helpful contacts

Mexican Association for Private Capital (Amexcap)

It promotes the development of private equity companies.

Angel Ventures Mexico

Facilitates the financing of small and medium-sized Mexican businesses through private investments.

Alta Ventures

Venture capital fund based in Monterrey, Nuevo León. It focuses on businesses related to the internet, mobile devices, health, safety, and communications.

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