What is prostration? Meaning, relevance and memes

This Tuesday, July 6th, the Health Secretariat of Mexico announced that the Youth Over 18s Vaccination Registry has already been activated and one of the questions they are asking is whether you will be there “State of exhaustion”.

This led Google to search for the meaning of the word “exhaustion“Will shoot up.

What is prostration?  Meaning, relevance and memes
What is prostration? Meaning, relevance and memes

Look for the word “prostration” in the past 7 days. Image: Screenshot via Google.

And no, it has nothing to do with dessert. According to Real academy of the Spanish language: Prostration means, action and effect of prostration or prostration; and depression from illness or distress.

More simply, it refers to when a person is “in bed” or unable to move on their own due to an illness or physical impairment.

Look for the word prostration in the past 4 hours. Image: Screenshot via Google.

This is the question the agency asks in order to identify the people who are in this condition and in this way to create the necessary logistics so that the health brigades or emergency units come to their homes to apply the vaccine.

The memes didn’t wait

The situation generated a great surge of memes in the form of a joke towards people searching for the meaning of the word. Here we leave you a few.

Remember that to get vaccinated, you need to go to the official My Vaccine page and fill in the information requested.

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