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What is netnography? Learn how to sell to the new digital customer

June 12, 2020

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“I will buy all the presents, the cake and the piñata for my son’s birthday party in an online shop.”

What is netnography? Learn how to sell to the new digital customerWhat is netnography? Learn how to sell to the new digital customer

Alberto, 45, says when he speaks to Natalia, the manager of business anthropology at Flipa, a Colombian company that pioneered business anthropology, while in the middle of an interview for Zoom, and asks him, how to celebrate his birthday. Number five of his son in the so-called “new normal”.

What does the story of Alberto and Natalia have to do with your company?

Today, customers are looking for small, medium or large companies more than ever Online solutions This way you can think and feel that you are continuing your life within the limits of the pandemic.

And to continue his life as he knew it before, the customer wants to feel that he still has the ability to consume, enjoy, order clothes online, sell online, recreational games and others that refresh him and him even new experiences enable you to be at home.

In this way, we can say that a company that offers customers the feeling of being alive through its digital services and products will remain alive now and in the future, which is known to be much more digital.

The first step that every company has to take is to understand who their digital customer is. What needs and expectations do you have of the company when 90% of the contact points are digital and in which context this customer lives in order to generate profitable strategies for the company.

These expectations and needs are understood when the company gives itself the space to listen to the customer, his hidden desires, his online behavior, his why behind the purchase, the emotions caused by the products, services and experience on the side be generated. Web, application or the digital model that we offer you.

Internationally, the reference tool and methodology on the market that enable clients to strategically listen and understand to design business strategies is referred to as Netnography, a qualitative online research technique.


Netnography seeks to guide businesses, businesses, and everyone who uses it, beyond the obvious, and develop strategies based on what other businesses can overlook if they don’t use this method.

For example, the focus is on analyzing what customers say online about the product or service, how they say it and, above all, how we can use this input from the different areas of our company to design our product and service to design and adapt to your needs. Present and Future.

Another big advantage of netnography is to help our companies identify innovation opportunities that, if we know how to search for them and read them in particular on digital channels, will help to take our business to new dimensions and ensure sustainable engagement for our audience.

The story we started this article with is from a netnography that our company, Flipa, Business Anthropology Consultant, designed to better understand the customer’s new digital consumer practices, with the goal of designing strategies and a roadmap for a retail company.

Our company is a pioneer in business anthropology in Latin America. We have worked for companies like the world’s largest multinational consumer company ABInBev, owner of the brewery Model group in Mexico, ANDI: National Association of s in Colombia, the Malmö Tourism Company in Sweden, among others customers at home and abroad.

Our focus is on supporting companies in the design of services, the design of analog and digital products, the customer experience, the experience of employees and various business strategies, whereby the approach is geared to the context and needs of the end customer, whether external or intern., always rely on Business Anthropology.

Our company has currently published the project #AprendeConFlipa, a space for various online workshops The target group is all companies, professionals and people in the business environment who want to develop business strategies that are related to the actual needs of today’s customers.

The workshops are: Netnography, redesigning the online customer experience, business design, customer creation and storytelling for digital products. Each one enables us to see the opportunity points for the company and to see how strategies can be designed through the knowledge and insights, these moments of truth for the company.

The moment we live showed us that digital is not a question of the future, digital is now.

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