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What is it? Program schedules and activities

June 8, 2020

Preschool, primary and secondary school students can access these activities via Open and Pay TV.

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What is it? Program schedules and activitiesWhat is it? Program schedules and activities

The program starts this Monday, June 8th Summer fun the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) arouse the interest of preschoolers, elementary school students and schoolchildren in science and computer science.

This initiative comes after the end of Learn at home, a program run by Covid-19 to end the school year outside of the classroom during health emergencies.

In this way, the SEP will broadcast the series through the Directorate General for Educational Television (DGTVE) TeleCuantrix Consisting of 101 learning capsules for students without a computer.

The series was carried out in cooperation with the Fundación Televisa as part of the Digital Educational Agenda and will be broadcast from Monday, June 8, Monday to Friday at 10:50 a.m. and 12 noon in primary and secondary areas: 50 hours each.

This show is broadcast on the following channels:

  • Ingenio TV or on channel 14.2 of open television
  • Channels 164 and 367 of the overall game
  • Sky Channel 260
  • Dish Channel 306
  • IZZI channel 480
  • Megacable Channel 135
  • Axtel Channel 131
  • Streaming from Claro Video

You can also check schedules and view programs on the Educational TV page, Facebook Live: Educational TV Mx, and YouTube Live: Educational TV.

Contrary to the content of the Aprende en Casa program, which had a counterpart to work or homework, Verano Divertido will only program to have fun learning, without requiring students, teachers, mothers, and fathers from families.

The SEP also drew attention to the parents’ clear doubts about the numbers 55 36 01 7599 and 800 288 6688.

Image: SEP