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What is a business plan? 8 steps to write it

September 30, 2020

Before starting your business, create this document to serve as a cover letter and organize yourself.

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What is a business plan? 8 steps to write it
What is a business plan? 8 steps to write it

You need a plan for everything in your life. Same goes for business. Every company, be it a startup or a valuable organization, needs a Business plan. To know where you are going, you need to know where you came from and what happened before you. Here are some points that will solve your question from how to make a business plan successfully.

1. Summary. It’s a one- or two-page summary of your business plan. It is best to do this when you have completed all the details of the plan.

2. Description of the business. You have to include and define various aspects of the service offering, the history of your area of ​​expertise or current events, your personal goals and objectives. This section is the Spine of your business plan and set the stage for the rest of the information.

3. Products and Services. Everyone has a product or service that they offer to a potential customer. You need to be able to describe what you are selling and identify what makes your product unique.

4. Sales and Marketing. This section is very important. It opens the window on the industry, the market situation, the general costs and gives you the opportunity to stand out from the competition. As you go through this section, you will understand that visitors to your website can see your merchandise and recognize your personal branding as employees walk through the physical store and see what’s going on in the company.

Make your website your online store in thoughts and actions.

– You can give samples or demonstrations of your product.
– Graphics and / or photos of the visual marketing material.
– The URL (web address) is your “location”.
– The equipment and product delivery methods you use are manufacturing and shipping tools.
– Navigating the site is like an example of physical memory.
– Having a sitemap can help people find what they are looking for.
– Showing testimonials, affiliations, and experiences in accessible areas of your website will give the customer more confidence.

Presenting your contact information enables people to do business with you. Providing detailed information about yourself even when you are not in the presence of a potential customer will give you a first impression of who you are. Instead of just looking at your website as a mat to put your name on, update it and see it as an online store, the place where business is done.

5. Operations. The purpose of this section is to help you highlight the more administrative side of your business, including the way you work, your office, your team, your legal relationships, your supplier network, etc.

6. Administration team. If you have consultants or employees to help you run your business, understand their commitment and the ability with which they will contribute to your success. If your company has a hierarchy of positions, you need to detail it and the relevance of each relationship.

7. Development. Here you can dream a little. Not everything in this section is based on facts like the information you would have given in the other sections. Project into the future and think big. Development is an important part of doing business in order to stay competitive. So take some time to write this.

8. Financial summary. Back to reality! You need to provide an overview of your financial deals, investments, and how you managed to get into the position you are in right now. With some flexibility, you can see how your business is going to perform, and you can see your financial status, including things balanced at the end of each month, your company’s health, and cash flow.

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