What? he is a ‘ganjapreneur’ (and why Kevin Smith is already one)

Silent Bob actor details how he and Jason Mewes have turned their iconic characters into a successful business.

Life really imitates art. In his 1994 independent film, Clerks , screenwriter and director Kevin Smith introduced the characters Jay and Silent Bob , two guys who spent all day selling grass outside a convenience store in New Jersey. Smith himself played Silent Bob, while his childhood friend Jason Mewes played the role Jay. The characters would reappear in many of Smith's films, and now, 25 years later and in a different regulatory environment, the duo is getting their own legal cannabis brand, Jay and Silent Bob's Private Stash .

The manufacturing and distribution company Chemesis International is responsible. The company initially approached Smith, who was more than excited to finally become a real-life “ganjapreneur”, that is, a person who benefits from the recent pseudo legalization of marijuana in the US. and that sells the plant to registered patients of medical cannabis.

What? he is a ‘ganjapreneur’ (and why Kevin Smith is already one)
What? he is a ‘ganjapreneur’ (and why Kevin Smith is already one)

(ENT): You are a famous herb enthusiast. Why name the brand as one your characters?

Kevin Smith (KS): Honestly because “Jay and Silent Bob” is the brand that has always accompanied us and in everything that Mewes and I do together. His wife runs our business. So there was never a time when I said: 'Go away. The marijuana is mine! ' Like any good stoner, you should share as much as you can.

ENT: As a storyteller, did you build a story around the brand?

KS: Yes; It is interwoven. The plant went on sale in January, we will start shooting our movie Jay and Silent Bob Reboot at the beginning of March and we will go to the cinema at the end of this year. This movie makes fun of the sequels and the reboots being both at the same time.

ENT: Many celebrities put their names on various products, but they are not so involved in the daily operations of the business. Will you be?

KS: This is an amazing business because it is not as if you could open it and let it operate alone. In every state of the American Union you have to find the plant that you can sell there, because you can't take the marijuana from California to Colorado and vice versa. This is an amazing job where people tell you: “We need you to smoke all this weed and tell us what you think.” So quality control is a very easy part of the job. But marketing was something that took my breath away. The Chemesis team created pre-rolled churros that are placed in a small container and resemble something that would be obtained from any corner store. That was what made me fall in love with the project.

ENT: Why do you say that?

KS: Putting characters in a corner store was something we did in our first movie about 25 years ago, hoping it became something. It's good to know that a quarter of a century later, it worked. And now we live in this strange and wonderful world where you can go beyond the screen. We literally sell weed in real life.

ENT: What do you think of the new gentrification of cannabis?

KS: I am not one of those who believes that things are better when few people know them. What more if you were late for a trend; You are here, so just enjoy it. I prefer to see marijuana as normal because I know that people probably get something positive from it like me. Let it normalize, I say. That would make the world a much better place.

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