What do I buy in the supermarket for the coronavirus?

Don't panic. An expert does not say what is worth taking into account when preparing your pantry for the pandemic.

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Surely you have seen on Facebook or Twitter videos of how people are going crazy buying hundreds of rolls of toilet paper in the supermarkets of countries like the United States and Spain before their declarations of emergency due to the Covid19 coronavirus pandemic .

What do I buy in the supermarket for the coronavirus?
What do I buy in the supermarket for the coronavirus?

In Mexico we are still in Phase 1 of the pandemic protocol , that is, it is not necessary to close borders or apply generalized quarantine, but products such as aerosol disinfectants and antibacterial gel have already become scarce. On the other hand, the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) announced this weekend that it will increase the Easter holidays to 30 days to reduce proximity among students.

The Ministry of Health recommends using this week to prepare without panicking for an increase in infected cases in the country and one of the things you can do is prepare your pantry. In this regard, chef Mariana Orozco from the Gastronomicast podcast shared with en Español a series of recommendations to buy truly useful foods to face the pandemic (and not end up with 200 cans of tuna in the pantry).

“What people have to avoid is buying things in voracious quantities. Every family knows how their house works, but it is necessary to assess how often they typically go to the supermarket to stock up on something. I do not think that someone in their right mind typically buys 36 rolls of paper every Friday, “said the expert, recommending to keep purchasing habits similar to those that exist outside of pandemic scenarios, since being less out in the world,” It does not mean that we will be locked up forever. ”

On her Twitter account , the chef shared a series of recommendations to make smart purchases in the supermarket in the face of this atypical situation for the next 15 days and helped us delve into them:

  • A liter of oil, which lasts for at least a month in a family of five people. “If you are using more than a liter of oil a week, you are doing something wrong. The use of so much oil is not normal ”.
  • A couple of kilos of wheat flour or Maseca corn dough to make zopes and dishes that get you out of trouble.
  • A couple of kilos of pasta .
  • Beans, beans, lentils and rice that can be used for many things since they are complete vegetable protein (for example, they could make sopes with Maseca or tlacoyos with beans).
  • Fatty cheeses , those that melt and gratin, are best preserved. The same mature cheeses that can be frozen.
  • Frozen vegetables , as they have many nutrients.
  • Jellies and grenetina “to be able to make jelly from other things that they like (even from the coffee that was left in the morning)”. For each liter of water / liquid the chef uses three sachets of gelatin.
  • Any animal protein they buy can be frozen. “Buy a LITTLE chicken, some beef, pork, fish, whatever you eat.”
  • Butter, egg, flour and sugar “that can be used to make almost ANYTHING of pastry”.
  • Fresh vegetables that can last a long time like vegetables, tomatoes and celery. “I generally recommend that the tomato be kept out of the refrigerator because the cold does change its flavor, but these moments do have to be refrigerated to make them last longer,” said the chef.
  • Some canned things like tuna and sardines that have high proteins and are useful for any emergency that may arise.

Maseca corn dough can help you make zopes and dishes that can get you out of trouble / Image:

What to do this week before the extended Easter break begins

This Saturday, March 14, the Secretary of Public Education of Mexico, Esteban Moctezuma, announced at a press conference that due to the contingency caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, the Easter holidays will be brought forward. Thus, the last day of school will be March 20 and will return to classrooms on April 20.

“Right now your freezer is your best friend . Use these days to open it, check it out, and take out the things you haven't known for how long it's been there. What is in the freezer is not eternal, it is also spoiled, “Orozco explained, noting that once the freezer is cleaned, you can save chicken breasts, ground meat, some fish fillets so that they are consumed normally, ALWAYS thawing them a couple of days before in the refrigerator.

The expert points out that this week, when there are still normal operations, it is an ideal time to sit down with the family and put together a menu attending to the personal and nutritional needs of each person (for example, if someone suffers from diabetes or hypertension).

“The point is to do your shopping calmly and not to break the type of consumption that you always have at home. As a family, you have to make a list of what you are going to buy and not buy extra things, “Orozco said, noting that there is no need to buy foods that you would not typically consume (such as olives, for example).

Lastly, Orozco encouraged readers not to be influenced by paranoia , and to buy a six-month supply that will end up spoiling due to lack of consumption. “Out of fear we are spending money foolishly and infecting others with insecurity. What we do wrong these days by eating will unbalance us. We must take care of ourselves as much as possible so that the health services do not collapse due to things that we cause ourselves. ”

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