What distinguishes Cardano from other blockchain platforms?

We could say that Cardano is an intelligent contract platform with its own features that distinguish it from other projects. But it’s more than that, and to better understand how it works, Cointelegraph spoke in Spanish to Antonio Sánchez, President of Blockchain Andalucía and Cardano’s ambassador to Spain..

“Cardano is an intelligent contract platform, but with a security advantage that surpasses other current platforms, a decentralized network, with the arrival of Shelley in a few days, and a strong community and three pillars that support it: Emurgo, IOHK and the Cardano Foundation. Each of them has a purpose, but the same vision: Cardano should be the best BlockChain platform for smart contracts, ”said Sánchez.

For the Cardano ambassador to Spain, security is currently one of the most important things to consider when creating a smart contract, and Cardano offers the following: “Easy development thanks to Marlowe and the ability to code projects based on Solidity in Plutus to change “.

Specific properties

What distinguishes Cardano from other blockchain platforms?
What distinguishes Cardano from other blockchain platforms?

There are many specific properties of Cardano. We ask Sánchez to list and explain in detail what they are. Here are their answers and their reasons:

  • Cardano has a feature that sets it apart from most other cryptocurrencies. The language in which intelligent contracts are concluded under the Plutus platform is based on Haskell, a functional, fault-tolerant programming language with which we can provide intelligent contracts with a high degree of security, which is very important when creating contracts or projects related with finances. We have seen that languages ​​like Solidity have many security issues due to poor analysis or lack of code verification before the contract is deployed. Cardano solves this type of problem, or at least significantly improves it.

  • Another very important feature is the Ouroboros attendance protocol, one of the most sustainable for the environment that we can find in the BlockChain ecosystem. Ouroboros is the first peer review protocol that is verified and completely secure. It enables the decentralization of the entire Cardano network without compromising its security, distributing its power and control in a fair manner, and offers the additional advantage that, unlike standard protocols, all of the above tasks can be performed with very low energy costs PoW.

  • A new function of the new identity solution from IOHK IOHK is PRISM. This application enables us to create a decentralized identity that enables consumers to keep control of our information. The advantage of digital identity is that users can protect their personal data themselves, which improves our privacy. The solution works perfectly under Cardano’s BlockChain.

  • Another very important novelty within the Cardano ecosystem is governance. The possibility that every user carrying ADA has a voice within the community is very important. There is a phase of the road map, Voltaire, that takes care of it and includes suggestions, voting and an incentive structure to encourage participation. In addition, a new project called Catalyst has been launched, which consists of a set of tools and procedures for evaluating and performing treasury experiments, which you can use to create a simple coordination interface for administration and to cast private votes. or create incentive structures to encourage participation.

  • Cardano has started a program with suggestions for improvement (CIP), whose open source ideals are true and which constantly changes and improves the ecosystem. We want members of the community to be able to contribute ideas to improve every point of Cardano’s BlockChain. Many of these improvements come from members of our community.

Cardano municipality in Spain

In just a few months, it will be three years since Sánchez set up a telegram channel called @CardanoEsp almost at the start of ADA. “It was the first group and the channels did not yet exist,” said Cardano’s ambassador to Spain.

“The group has grown and added many good users that we help and answer all kinds of questions and doubts that the community raises. We are currently close to more than 2,000 members and I think we will be much more. News and surprises for the community are coming, ”he concluded.

A change of perspective

On May 15, Cointelegraph published an interview with Antonio Sánchez in Spanish, in which he spoke about various topics. On this occasion, he also referred to Cardano and commented: “From the beginning, Bitcoin changed my perspective. Later, over the years, Ethereum appeared with its smart contracts and the very easy way to build your own token. However, when I got to know the Cardano project, I was really fascinated. Cardano is not just another project in the blockchain ecosystem. In my view, Cardano could be one of the projects with the greatest future, not only because of its scientific base or the team behind each of the three pillars above, but also because of its community. It may be a slower project compared to others, but everything that is done is meticulously done, audits are done, and we try to fix the bugs as soon as possible. “

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