What can you see on Netflix about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?

While the quarantine of the COVID-19 pandemic continues, streaming platforms and videos will continue to be important, as well as a form of leisure, information and even learning. What if we combine this Netflix performance with Bitcoin?

Hence from CoinTelegraph in Spanish We offer a number of recommendations so you can use social distancing if you know Bitcoin.

Also, We’ll leave you some recommendations on Netflix, where Bitcoin is not the main topic but the storyline, or as part of the ideas discussed in the audiovisual field, we bring you some recommendations that are not Bitcoiners.

Bet on Bitcoin (2016)

What can you see on Netflix about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?
What can you see on Netflix about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?

Banking on Bitcoin is perhaps the most popular documentary about Bitcoin. It is available on and on Netflix The story of several characters from the early days of Bitcoin is told as well as the various projects they have undertaken to make this technology more popular and accessible.

Charlie Shrem, the Winklevoss twins, Barry Silbert, Michael Casey and Nathaniel Popper are some of the names and voices that appear in the documentary to talk about this technology and how it evolved into what it is today . Bitcoin is described as an out-of-the-box option and is a paradigmatic contrast to the banks and decisions that led to the 2008 financial crisis.

Anon (2018)

Anon is a film set to take place in the near future, in which everyone in the world is part of a large database from which authorities and security forces can regulate their behavior. However, some remain on the sidelines.

This is the case with the protagonist of the film, A hacker who is on the edge of this large database and for whom a police officer will launch an intensive investigation. It is a Cypherpunk novel that was made into a film and has some interesting dramatic twists.

Although Bitcoin is not part of the topics covered, all the aesthetic and privacy ideas in the film are reminiscent of what Satoshi Nakamoto did.

Altered Carbon (2018)

This is a series that, according to the recommendations of non-Bitcoiners, is set in a still Cypherpunk future. It should be said that Although the plot has nothing to do with Bitcoin, both BTC and Monero (XMR) had some cameos in these two seasons.

In this post-apocalyptic future where people can transfer their minds to other bodies, Both BTC and XMR serve as a medium of exchange for products during the development of the plot, which means that the authors envision a future with cryptocurrencies.

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Billion (2016)

Available on Netflix, Billions is a series set in the United States, particularly in the financial world and business and capitalist conflicts with the law. Its protagonist Bobby Axelrod is a wealthy CEO of a New York venture capital. We accompany him on his adventures to face the law and make the best of it.

In five seasons, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have already got their outstanding looks, and in fact Ben Mezrich, the author of Bitcoin Billionaries, is part of the fifth season’s authoring team and has already made an impact in some dialogues and exchanges between characters. Billions is one of those series not to be missed if you want to know how a billionaire’s business, as well as his thoughts, work with several direct winks on cryptocurrencies and bitcoin to send money undetected.

With these recommendations, you must already use the quarantine to learn while you chat, either with films, documentaries, or series in which Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are either a central theme or a specific relationship – or involvement – in the story and the Characters from have is ready. And these are just a few recommendations. Here you can get more audiovisual material (and in many cases free of charge).

* Bonus: Available on YouTube

The Bitcoin Gospel (2015)

Though this is a Tegenlicht chapter, the Bitcoin gospel is an excellent audio-visual resource If you want to get to know the beginnings of some Bitcoiners (now Altcoiners) and the first groups of enthusiasts who grew up around this technology.

Accessible for free on YouTube, you will find a young and radical Roger Ver, who was even known as “Bitcoin Jesus” before working as a sponsor of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). At that time, I was a dedicated Bitcoin activist as a fast, secure, and global payment system. A lot has changed since then, however In the documentation you will find sobering testimonials from this first phase.

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The Bitcoin phenomenon (2014)

This documentary is also aimed at the earliest age of Bitcoin. Outline the various ideological conflicts between the several early adopters and the groups formed by BTC. The Bitcoin Phenomenon Bitcoin illustrates the conflicts between VC, entrepreneurs and lobbyists of all kinds who are trying to make Bitcoin a mainstream issue.

Gavin Andresen, Jeremy Liew, Erik Voorhees, Fred Ehrsam and Peter Vessenes are some of the proper names of this documentary, which shows the conflict of interest and user profiles of those early days during its development. It is also available on YouTube so you can enjoy it for free.

Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble (2018)

Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble is a documentary that anyone who knows nothing about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can enjoy. Far from being industry-specific, the documentary tries to take a historical journey through the history of money, focusing on the relationship between national currencies and precious metals.

This is because many people believe that Bitcoin should be the next step in developing money from shells to metals to fiat money and digital fiat, which enables the exchange of value without depending on trusted third parties .

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