What are the differences between DLT and cryptocurrencies?

Next Thursday, November 26th, the 23rd edition of “Let’s Talk Decred” will take place, in which the differences between the concepts of distributed ledger technology, distributed ledger technology or DLT and cryptocurrencies will be discussed. This was reported to Cointelegraph en Español by the organizers.

“”We will analyze whether all cryptocurrencies are DLTs and all DLTs are cryptocurrencies, along with Felipe Montoya from Human Leap and Carolina Ibarra from the Decred en Español team”You stated from Decred in Spanish.

“”In this episode we will talk to Felipe Montoya about decentralized technologies, legal aspects of these technologies and their perspectives for Colombia and Latin America. Montoya is the co-founder of Human Leap, a consulting firm dedicated to providing legal, financial, and technical analysis for developing innovative startups. He is also an advisor to the National Infrastructure Agency of Colombia. Montoya is a lawyer experienced in developing legal structures for infrastructure projects and project finance, ”they noted.

What are the differences between DLT and cryptocurrencies?
What are the differences between DLT and cryptocurrencies?

On this occasion, the legal perspectives that cryptocurrencies, blockchain and distributed technologies will have on a local and global level in the long term will be analyzed. “Everything indicates that we are facing a paradigm shift that will have both economic and social effects. Understanding the future of these technologies is invaluable in envisioning the future of money and finance, ”emphasized the organizers.

The meeting is planned for the following times:

* 18 hours in Mexico

* 7 p.m. Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru

* 20 hours in Bolivia, Venezuela

* 9 p.m. Argentina, Uruguay, Chile

* 1am (November 27th) Spain

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